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Little People, Fans of the Big World: Is Jackson Roloff OK?!?

Jackson Roloff had a reason to celebrate this weekend.

In doing so, however, he gave Little People, Big World fans reason to worry.

On Saturday, Zach Roloff returned from some sort of football-related trip and was greeted with open arms and big smiles by his beloved children.

His wife, Tori, shared the following photo to show how her son Jackson was especially excited to have his dad home…

Jackson Roloff and his father
Little People, Big World fans continue to express their concerns about Jackson Roloff’s feet. (Instagram)

Cute, right?

But also worrying, in the eyes of Tori’s many followers.

A host of fans were concerned that the curvature of the six-year-old’s legs appeared “painful” due to the curvy nature of those extremities.

We even dared to ask:

Is there any reason Jackson hasn’t had surgery to repair his legs, other than Tori not wanting him to have major surgery?

Tori Roloff with children
Tori Roloff is a wonderful mother. Here she is with her three children. (Instagram)

It’s an ignorant question, of course.

In December 2021, Jackson did undergo a procedure on his legs.

“He’s good. It’s difficult because the screws in his legs help straighten the leg as he grows,” Zach explained when asked over a year ago about the condition of his elder.

“Well for him, he’s growing maybe an inch a year, so it’s hard to see and it won’t be obvious for a while.

“(An) average person who had the same surgery, you would see the difference much more quickly.”

Little People, Big World photo with Zach and Tori
Zach and Tori Roloff pose here for two of their children as part of a TLC promotional campaign. (CCM)

In May, viewers of a similar video posted by Jackson’s mother also commented on his legs.

Tori warned at the time that it could be “a few years” before we knew if that aforementioned procedure was enough to correct the curvy pattern.

The unfortunate truth is that Zach was born with achondroplasia, the most common form of dwarfism.

Chances are Jackson will continue to struggle with physical obstacles, just like his sister, father and grandparents, as he gets older.

However, this illness will have no impact on his mental state or life expectancy.

Matt, Amy, Zach and Tori Roloff
Matt, Amy, Zach and Tori Roloff are featured in this promotional photo from TLC. (CCM)

Overall, it’s natural for social media users to worry about Jackson when they see certain photos.

But they definitely shouldn’t blame his parents in any way.

“This is the beginning, I think, of a long journey,” Zach said after his son underwent his 2021 surgery.

We should all be grateful that he has such a loving and supportive mother and father by his side as he goes through this.

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