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Larry David is sorry/not sorry for choking Elmo: “I would do it again!”


A provocateur Larry David said Seth Meyers Thursday evening he couldn’t take anymore ElmoTrealy’s feelings, so he decided to take matters into his own hands. Literally.

Meyers asked David about his infamous moment earlier in the day. Today to show. This is when David made an unexpected move after Elmo’s sickening speech about mental health and policing people, he walked onto the set and strangled the red, furry Sesame Street icon in an attempt to silence him.

“Someone had to do it!” David said at the time, although he later apologized under duress after being prompted by the Today cohosts.

Asked about what happened by Meyers, David initially declined comment. “I don’t think I want to talk about it.”

But Meyers insisted: “The clip is circulating online, Larry. You can’t hide from this, Larry. Elmo, some might say, is loved by all.

David ultimately resisted the assault.

“Yeah Yeah. I did it.”

At times imitating Elmo’s high-pitched voice, David declaimed: “Elmo was, he was talking about mental health and I had to listen to every word.” And I was like, “Oh my God, oh my God, I don’t think I can take another second of this!” So I got off my chair, walked up to him and strangled him! »

“I couldn’t stand it!” David said, no doubt expressing a sentiment shared by many.

He later withdrew his previous apology. “And you know what? I’ll do it again!”

Elmo has yet to respond to the renewed threat.


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