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Kevin Bacon will return to Footloose High School to attend the prom


Kevin Bacon says he will return to Payson High School, where he filmed Footloose forty years ago, to attend prom.

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This year marks the 40th anniversary of Free from all tiesthe iconic 80s film in which Kevin Bacon plays a teenager who tries to overturn the ban on dancing in a small town. Free from all ties was shot at Payson High School in Utah, and students campaigned on social media for Kevin Bacon to visit the school on prom day. And you better believe he’ll be there.

The actor announced Today Show that he will I will be returning to Payson High School for the prom. “I was so impressed with everything going on there with this crazy idea of ​​bringing me back,“, Bacon said. “I was blown away by the work you all did, with the musical, the flash mobs and the recreations.

He continued, “This hasn’t gone unnoticed by me, not to mention the fact that you’ve partnered with SixDegrees.org, our foundation, and are trying to find ways to give back to your community. This is really inspiring, so thank you. THANKS. And I will come. I have to come !“It also happens that Payson High School is moving to a new building soon, so this will be Kevin Bacon’s last chance to attend prom at the original. Free from all ties school.

Although Bacon adopted Free from all ties, this was not always the case. He has first rejected the film because he wanted to be seen as a serious actor. “When I became a pop star, the last thing I wanted to be was a pop star. I had already thought, “I want to be Dustin Hoffman or Meryl or John Cazale or De Niro.” I want to work with Scorsese. I want to do Chekhov. You know what I mean? I was so attached to my idea of ​​a serious actor, and all of a sudden I was offered this thing that was absolutely not a serious actor.“Bacon said last year.”So I rejected it completely. I tried to self-sabotage this part of myself and my popularity. I was very, very uncomfortable with photoshoots and magazines and all those things that I dreamed of as a kid. Everything I had dreamed of gave me a huge amount of doubt and anxiety.

He added that he didn’t even know Footloose was going to be a “dance movie» during his hearing. “When I made the dance film, I wasn’t a dancer. I was not trained as a dancer. If I’m honest, I didn’t even really understand that it was a dance film. I thought it was just a movie, and then when they told me there was dancing, I stood up,“, Bacon said. “They talked about a choreographer and I said, “You don’t really need a choreographer. I’m just going to get up and dance. It’s not serious. Pass me the disc and I’ll jump around. So I certainly wasn’t trained by any stretch of the imagination.

Enjoy your time at the ball, Kevin Bacon!


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