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Kaspersky reveals 30% increase in ransomware attacks | The Express Tribune



The proliferation of targeted ransomware groups has increased, with these entities now known to attack governments, specific high-level organizations, or select groups within larger entities, a press release states. Research by Kaspersky experts reveals a 30% increase in the number of targeted ransomware groups worldwide between 2022 and 2023. According to the release, this spike was reflected by a 70% increase in the number of ransomware victims. targeted ransomware attacks during the same period. period.

Much like conventional businesses, targeted ransomware groups recruit cybercriminals as employees to orchestrate large and sophisticated operations. Kaspersky researchers closely monitored about 60 targeted ransomware groups in 2023, compared to about 46 groups in 2022. They found incidents indicating collaboration between these groups, with some known to exchange access points in networks of company, selling initial entry points to more advanced ransomware groups capable of executing more sophisticated attacks. Such collaborations streamline the process for cybercriminals, allowing them to bypass preliminary steps and proceed directly to reconnaissance or infection of the network, the release said.


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According to the press release, in 2023, Kaspersky celebrated its seventh year as a key contributor to the No More Ransom initiative. Its free decryption tools have been downloaded more than 360,000 times, facilitating data recovery for more than two million ransomware victims. However, despite these efforts, global ransomware payments exceeded $1.1 billion in 2023, reaching an unprecedented level.

“Targeted ransomware groups are very persistent and aggressively pursue extortion. They often resort to threatening to make stolen data public if ransom demands are not met. In some cases, cybercriminals file GDPR or SEC complaints against victim organizations in specific regions for alleged data protection violations,” noted Maher Yamout, senior security researcher at Kaspersky.

Published in The Express Tribune, March 3rd2024.

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