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Karl Stefanovic and Cate Campbell tear up Brisbane Olympics plan


What an absolute disaster.

Australian Olympic champion Cate Campbell has become the latest high-profile figure to set fire to the Brisbane Olympic Stadium backflip, hosted by the Queensland government.

There was a furious backlash against the government’s plan spending billions of dollars to temporarily upgrade the dilapidated Queensland Sports and Athletics Center (QSAC) in preparation for the Olympics.

Queensland Premier Steven Miles confirmed on Monday the government would ignore advice from an independent review, which recommended building a $3.4 billion, 55,000-space venue in Brisbane’s north , in Victoria Park.

This review addressed concerns about the previous $2.7 billion plan to redevelop the Gabba.

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In lieu of those big plans, Miles revealed Tuesday that he had decided to spend $1.6 billion to transform the QSAC site into a 40,000-seat boutique stadium.

That would make Brisbane’s Olympic Stadium the smallest the Games have seen since the 1928 Olympics in Amsterdam, 104 years ago.

Campbell suggested Wednesday morning that government officials are putting their careers ahead of what’s best for the state’s long-term future by choosing the cheap option.

“I just think this is a case of politics getting in the way of progress,” Campbell said. Today Show host Karl Stefanovic.

“We thought we had almost four years head start to prepare and prepare for these games. And it was just wasted. Time and again.

“I mean, this overhaul cost $450,000. And I know the premier of the state talks about the cost of living and doesn’t want to spend, but you just spent $450,000 on a study when you had a perfectly good action plan.

“I think first and foremost it’s reassuring for the athletes that the Games are going ahead, but I think it’s disappointing to see so much negative rhetoric about it and let’s not forget that one of the most watched events of Australian history was that of Cathy Freeman. the 2000 Olympic Games which were only crowned by the victory of the Matildas against France.

“It really shows the power of sport to unite Australia. And I think we’re really wasting an incredible opportunity because of all this bickering, this short-sightedness, by the government looking for ways to keep their jobs as opposed to what’s actually going to be good for them. South East Queensland in the future.

She said Brisbane’s outdated stadium options are why Queensland has fallen behind other states when it comes to attracting major events.

“Taylor Swift said no, she’s not coming to Queensland because there aren’t enough stadiums to accommodate her and we have Coldplay coming to Perth because they have more venues than the southeast Queensland, and it’s just not good enough,” she said.

“We have the opportunity to put Brisbane on the world stage, both for sporting events but also for international entertainment events, and that’s a real legacy opportunity that I think is being missed, because Politicians are short-sighted and thinking about their own personal gains rather than what is best for South East Queensland.

It comes as Stefanovic said the plan for a small stadium was “embarrassing” on the world stage.

The situation looked particularly dire on Tuesday evening when it was revealed the state government was considering exploring an exit strategy to cancel hosting the Games altogether.

Information received by the government indicated that it would cost at least $500 million in compensation, as well as other costs, if it backed out of holding the event.

It also would have meant the federal government would take away $3 billion in funding from the state.

The state government ultimately decided to move forward because it was more cost-effective for taxpayers and Queensland’s reputation than canceling, the channel reported.

But a government spokeswoman rejected this information.

The government faced harsh criticism following the fiasco.

Rugby league broadcaster Phil Gould led the charge, writing: “Oh please… it’s the Olympics… our country will be exposed to the world… build it big and build it in a special way.”

Tennis star John Millman also expressed shock at the plan: “But you plan to spend billions on old seats and temporary seats?”

Radio presenter Shane McInnes added: “As things stand, these are the next three venues that will host athletics at the Olympic Games. 2024 PARIS: Stade de France, 2028 LA: Los Angeles Coliseum, 2032 BRISBANE: Queensland Sport & Athletics Centre. Two are world-class sites. One is a joke. Embarrassed (Stephen Miles)?

Sports journalist Mark Gottlieb suggested the ‘Brisbane’ Olympics should be held in Sydney instead: “You won’t have to spend a cent.” The perfect Olympics for the Queensland Government,” he wrote sarcastically.

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