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John Oliver uses brutal parody ad to target Medicaid


Medicaid, the public health program for low-income families, presents a number of problems, ranging from ppeople suddenly lose their coverage has Organizations Cost States Millions Through Fraudulent Billing.

As Jean Olivier underlined in the Last week tonight However, in the video above, much of the conversation seems to focus on scaremongering about people who actually use the program.

“A lot of the discussion around Medicaid seems to focus on the fear that someone, somewhere might be gaming the system,” Oliver says. “Again and again, the priority seems to be to ensure that no individual receives a cent more in health care than they deserve, even as states seem strangely gleeful at the idea that much larger amounts of money being paid to large organizations.”

To really dig into the subject, Oliver enlists comedian Amber Ruffin to help him create a nightmarish parody commercial featuring talking fruits and vegetables.


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