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John Madore named as shooter who killed guard at New Hampshire psychiatric hospital

The gunman who killed a security guard during a shooting at a US psychiatric hospital has been identified.

John Madore, 33, entered the lobby of the New Hampshire hospital Friday evening and opened fire, with the police initially report “several victims”.

On Saturday, New Hampshire Attorney General John Fomella said Madore shot Bradley Haas, 63, before a police officer killed him.

All patients at the 185-bed hospital in Concord, the state capital, were safe, but Mr. Haas could not be saved despite resuscitation attempts.

Several police cars were dispatched to the scene. Photo: WMUR via AP

“New Hampshire State Police investigators searched and cleared a suspicious truck near the scene,” Fomella added.

“They determined the truck posed no safety risk.”

Guards’ actions ‘saved many people’

Madore used a 9mm pistol when he shot the unarmed Mr. Haas, whose actions “saved many lives,” Mr. Fomella said.

Police also found an AR-style rifle, a tactical vest and several rounds of ammunition in a truck in the hospital parking lot.

Mr. Haas lived in Franklin, a small town about 20 miles from Concord, and he worked as a police officer for 28 years before becoming police chief, according to Mr. Fomella.

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An aerial view of the area where the mass shooting took place

The Franklin Police Department said he dedicated decades to the city and the police department before retiring in 2008.

Friday’s shooting is the latest act of hospital violence in the United States, as medical centers across the country struggle to adapt to growing threats.

This came weeks after 18 people were killed and 13 others injured in a mass shooting in neighboring Maine.

The facility is New Hampshire’s only public adult psychiatric hospital.

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