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Joe Biden says climate change deniers are “Neanderthals” – that’s not fair to Neanderthals


President Biden called climate change deniers “Neanderthals” during a speech Thursday in Brownsville, Texas, near the U.S.-Mexico border. Fox News and other conservative outlets seem to paint this as an unacceptable insult – but it was perhaps most unfair to Neanderthals.

“I’ve been (on) helicopters in the West, Southwest and Northwest, flying over more burned land, all vegetation gone, than the entire state of Maryland “Biden told his audience, referring in part to the wildfires currently raging in Texas. “The idea that climate change doesn’t exist, I love that, man,” the president added with obvious sarcasm. “I like some of my Neanderthal friends who still think there is no climate change.”

As Biden suggested, those who deny that our planet’s climate is changing with potentially catastrophic consequences or who claim that the changes are not primarily caused by human activity have been discredited by science. Empirical evidence clearly shows that the planet is warming to an unprecedented degree and that carbon dioxide emissions from the burning of fossil fuels are the main cause. Greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide trap heat from the Sun after it reaches Earth, causing high temperatures, increasingly extreme wildfires, intensifying storms, worsening flooding and sea level rise.

Biden’s implication that Neanderthals, an archaic and now-extinct human species, were unintelligent is factually dubious. There is ample evidence that Neanderthal humans created art, practiced some form of herbal medicine, used tools, and performed burial rituals. Although Neanderthals are no longer with us, many modern humans have small amounts of Neanderthal DNA.

There is no doubt that modern humans, rather than Neanderthals, are responsible for climate change, which Dr. Michael E. Mann of the University of Pennsylvania described in an interview with Salon as “a ‘new abnormal’… which is currently playing out in reality. time… The situation will only get worse as long as we continue to burn fossil fuels and generate carbon pollution.


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