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James Weir recaps | “I slept with you!” : the “sociopath” of MAFS unmasked


The Contiki tour bus driver who is trying to turn an appearance on Married At First Sight into a successful podcast career is outed as an enlightened ‘sociopath’ at Sunday’s commitment ceremony and walked out like a bedbug from the backpacker hostel he calls home.

It’s been a week of bad behavior from Ben. First of all he disappeared. Then he reappeared, armed with a handwritten list detailing all the things he hates about his wifeEllie.

Tonight, in front of the experts, Ellie decides to read a few pages from her own Burn Book about Ben.

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“I speak my truth and I absolutely have to speak it,” she says. “I feel like I’m going crazy.”

Ben gave him a whipping. One moment he says he hates her makeup and she fears jokes. The next minute, he’s filling her with cheesy trinkets and writing Phoebe Buffay-style love songs.

Mel Schilling steps in with a warning.

“That feeling you describe: ‘Am I going crazy?’ is the very definition of being turned on,” she tells Ellie. “That’s what’s happening here. You’re not going crazy. This is completely valid. Especially confusion and questioning yourself.

Ellie should listen to the experts now. They have a lot of experience when it comes to gas lighters. After all, they’ve handpicked the best gaslighters in the country to appear on this show for the past decade. And then they making us all believe that they didn’t intentionally release a series of gaslighters.

Ben gives the usual performance: lowering his head with a sigh and lowering his face as if the weight of the world had fallen on his shoulders.

Everyone collectively grits their teeth.

“I’m doing my best,” Ben sulks to the experts.

This pushes John Aiken into sassy mode. He begins snapping his fingers and rolling his neck while telling harsh truths.

“Stop that!” » asks John.

Ellie is desperate to move on. She wants Ben to know exactly how he made her feel.

“It destroys my self-esteem. I slept with you! You told me you felt so good about me,” she said. “So that makes me feel so shit about me!”

Ben doesn’t react. It’s like he’s lost in thought, evaluating what other negative qualities he can add to his list of things I hate about Ellie.

“He’s like a fucking sociopath,” Lauren whispers from the sidelines.

Ben shrugs. “I do not know what to say.”

Jono makes a helpful suggestion. “What if you showed emotion towards Ellie?” That wouldn’t be a bad thing…”

The producers foreshadow the scandal of the exchange of future partners between Ellie and Jono with grace, precision and nuance.

John Aiken can’t be bothered anymore. Ellie leaves. Ben leaves. Game over.

“Honestly, I’m done,” John said.

And U.S. too. Do! We don’t even have the energy to endure the same back and forth between Jack and Tori tonight. And we definitely won’t relive the moment when horny grandpa Richard treats frigid babe Andrea.

We are so done.

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