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James Gunn’s Superman Movie Casts Wendell Pierce as Perry White


James Gunn and Peter Safran’s DC Universe has found its Perry White, and Wendell Pierce is set to debut as the Daily Planet’s iconic editor-in-chief in the upcoming Superman movie.

The Hollywood Reporter announced a major casting decision for the new Superman movie written and directed by Gunn. Wendell Pierce, widely recognized for his work in iconic television shows like Thread And Suits, will step into the shoes of the legendary editor-in-chief of the Daily Planet, Perry White. Production on the film is currently underway.

Since his first appearance in a comic book, Perry White has been an essential character in the Superman mythos, first appearing in Superman #7 in the 1940s. Created by Jerry Siegel and Wayne Boring, Perry White was brought to the big screen by various actors, including Jackie Cooper in Christopher Reeves’ Superman series, Frank Langella in Bryan Singer’s Superman series. The Return of Supermanand Laurence Fishburne in Zack Snyder’s DC Extended Universe films.

Earlier this week, James Gunn confirmed that production of the highly anticipated Superman film is now in full swing. The announcement was accompanied by a glimpse of David Corenswet dressed in the Superman costume, zoomed in on a House of El crest inspired by the Kingdom Come look from Man of Steel.

Last month, Gunn also gave fans a behind-the-scenes look. into the world of the upcoming Superman movie, introducing the cast after a table read. The ensemble also includes Nathan Fillion, Isabela Merced, Edi Gathegi, Skyler Gisondo, María Gabriela de Faría, Sara Sampaio, Anthony Carrigan and Terence Rosemore.

The Future of Superman’s DC Universe

Superman is a highly anticipated project, given that Clark Kent has been an integral part of the DC Universe for over 80 years, with various iterations and adaptations across different media. The film promises to explore the character’s origins and his struggles to balance his dual identities as Clark and Superman while fighting villains and saving the world.

James Gunn and his DC Studios partner Peter Safran told reporters that their vision of the DC universe includes locked scripts, wiggle room, and a unified storyline for film, television, animation, and video game projects. The two explained that the DC Universe could bring back elements of previous DC regimes, meaning their eight-year plan isn’t a complete reboot.

Superman is currently scheduled to hit theaters on July 11, 2025. Stay tuned for the latest news regarding the future of the DC Universe and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more content!


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