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‘Irresponsible’ Katie Price Instagram post and ‘misleading’ national ads with Dominic West banned by ASA


An Instagram post promoting a low-calorie diet by Katie Price has been banned by the advertising regulator, as have Nationwide adverts featuring actor Dominic West.

Both campaigns can no longer appear in their current form, with Nationwide’s adverts deemed misleading by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

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Katie Price’s 755-calorie day ad

Price’s post violated rules requiring marketing messages to be clearly marked as advertisements, as well as health guidelines.

Its promotional video for low-calorie food brand Not Guilty Food featured “#ad” as the penultimate sentence, which the ASA deemed “insufficiently conspicuous to obviously identify the ad as a marketing communication from the outset”.

Katie Price's Instagram post
Katie Price’s Instagram post

Advertising labels must be clear and visible from the outset, the ASA said.

But Price’s ad hashtag wasn’t visible without interacting with the post and expanding the text, which wasn’t visible enough, he added.

The video, which Price said showed his daily food intake totaling 755 calories, was also called by the ASA an “irresponsible” promotion of a diet below 800 calories per day.

These posts should state that diets containing fewer than 800 calories are only for short-term use and should also encourage viewers to consult a doctor before starting them.

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The Nationwide complaint – filed by a rival

Building society Radio, television and written press on a national scale announcements about branch closures – starring actor Dominic West as an arrogant bank boss – were misleading because consumers were likely to believe that a long-term decision not to close branches had been made and that the lender had not closed any branches recently.

This was not the case, the ASA said.

Dominic West in the national campaign.  Photo: nationwide
Dominic West in the national campaign. Photo: nationwide

Instead, Nationwide had promised not to close any more branches until 2026, after closing two last year.

The warning about closing in 2026 may not feature in TV and radio adverts, the ASA said.

Rival bank Santander has filed a complaint with the ASA, a relatively unusual move among UK banks. Typically, competitors in industries such as retail are more likely to file formal complaints.

Santander had been used as a comparable “big bank”, which advertisements said was closing branches.

In an advertising campaign the previous year, Santander said it had closed fewer branches than Nationwide and that at the time the advert was seen it had not announced future closures.


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