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iPhone 13 deals: Save with trade-in value or get it free with a new range

Upgrading to the latest and greatest iPhone will cost you a pretty penny, especially since the iPhone 15 is still relatively new. Fortunately, there are other options, like iPhone13, and even though it’s a few generations old, it still has plenty of power under the hood. We have even always listed it among our favorite phones So for the value for money it’s worth grabbing. Better yet, these deals below will help you get it even cheaper, and potentially for free, if you’re ready to get a new line.

iPhone 13 Pro Max

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The iPhone 13 has essentially the same design, screen, and A15 Bionic processor as the iPhone 14, as well as 5G support, MagSafe charging, and cameras that are on par with the previous iPhone 12 Pro Max .

If this sounds like the iPhone for you, read on for our best recommendations for iPhone 13 deals.

What colors is the iPhone 13 available in?

A row of dark to light colored Apple iPhone 13 cases on a yellow background.


The iPhone 13 is available in six colors: Green, Pink, Blue, Midnight, Starlight White, and Product Red. Case come in a much wider range of hues and patterns.

How much does the iPhone 13 cost?

iPhone 13 prices start at $599 for 128GB and go up to $699 for 256GB or $899 for 512GB.

Best iPhone 13 deals

Most retailers and carriers, including Apple itself, are offering great deals on the iPhone 13. If you have an older iPhone that you want to trade in, you can save hundreds on a new model, or you can save with special offers. carrier offers. We’ve rounded up some of the best deals around.

We’ll update this page as new deals become available, so check again if your preferred carrier or retailer isn’t listed below.

Use Apple’s trade-in service and save hundreds on your iPhone 13 purchase. Although its site is currently offering up to $630 off, the highest amounts are for people who trade in a model of the new iPhone 14 or 15 series, which you’re unlikely to do when buying an iPhone 13. The highest price paid for an older model is $370 for the iPhone 12 Pro Max or $220 for the standard iPhone 12. If you finance the purchase, Apple will apply the trade-in amount as a credit after inspecting the device you send, or it’ll refund the trade-in amount to your original payment method if you paid all in advance.

Buy an iPhone 13 starting at $1.99 per month with AT&T on an unlimited plan and get the rest in bill credits based on storage size. You can also get trade-in bill credits, including up to $230 off the iPhone 12 Pro Max, but it also accepts devices from Samsung, Google, and other brands.

Right now, Verizon will give you an iPhone 13 for free if you sign up for a new line. Multiple colors are available, and you’ll get the full price of the iPhone applied as a credit to your account over a 36-month period. Any new 5G lines will also work.

T-Mobile has several deals on the iPhone 13, including a few ways to get your hands on one for free. Those who add a new line can get one for free when they change their existing number with another carrier or with an eligible exchange. You can also save $315 with just one new line, or buy one and get $700 off another with at least one new line.

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