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Individual creators will ultimately shape the metaverse: Sandbox founders

According to The Sandbox co-founders, it’s individual creators and brands that will ultimately determine the future of the metaverse, as opposed to any centralized entity.

On November 3, the team behind the Ethereum-based metaverse announced on (which was previously required).

“Now (anyone) can open their experience to the public (and) make it accessible, which will increase the amount of experience and content that people will be able to play and discover on the platform,” said Sébastien Borget, co -founder of Sandbox, to Cointelegraph in a previous press release. Interview on November 2 during Hong Kong FinTech Week.

The idea that users can create and own content and properties in Web3 is at the forefront of Sandbox’s strategy, Borget reiterated.

“They are discovering blockchain not because of the value of the asset, but because they can create content.”

Game Maker Updates and a New Fund

Sandbox announced that it will also update its Game Maker tool before 2024, its experience creation and testing tool which is expected to introduce new game mechanics, templates and social interactions to make content production even easier.

The company will also “relaunch” its new $100 million SAND Game Maker fund (currently worth $36 million) next year to build on these updates.

Borget said this would boost engagement across a wide range of industries:

“(It will generate) more engagement, more replayability, more fun and new social interactions as we define the future of music, the future of fashion, sports, entertainment, art and culture on the platform.”

Borget said Game Maker’s tools have simplified the startup process for new creators:

“Game Maker has been a gateway to bringing in a new generation of creators who then design new experiences and then, over time, monetize them by selling them in the marketplace and introducing their own.”

Meanwhile, Arthur Madrid, co-founder and CEO of Sandbox, said the company has recently helped connect brands to fans by hosting competitions to rebuild New York’s Times Square and the architectures of The Walking Dead, among other things. .

The company is working to incorporate multiplayer features that will boost this audience engagement. But Madrid acknowledged the difficulty of integrating multiplayer capabilities into large-scale metaverses, particularly on blockchains.

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More than 400 partners have signed up to The Sandbox, including Warner Music Group, Ubisoft, Gucci Vault, Snoop Dogg, Invincible and Adidas.

However, looking ahead, Borget acknowledged that metaverse adoption won’t take off until more defined use cases are established in virtual worlds, as new users ultimately seek memorable experiences towards which gravitate.

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