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Hyundai Genesis Unveils All-Electric SUV Concept, Neolun


Genesis Neolun Concept


NEW YORK – Hyundai Genesis presents a glimpse into the future of the increasingly important luxury brand with a new large all-electric concept vehicle called Neolun.

The full-size SUV features a sleek exterior design lit by long horizontal headlights and taillights reminiscent of the brand’s current electric vehicles, albeit more modern.

The interior of the Neolun – derived from the Greek “neo” or new, and the Latin “luna,” meaning moon – is minimalist compared to many recent concepts that include door-to-door screens. The SUV has a large central display with physical buttons underneath as well as a control panel and button to the driver’s right.

The front seats of the vehicle can swivel to face the rear passengers for seating in the lounge.

“The Neolun concept is a conceptual model that presents the future vision of Genesis, as well as the general direction in which the brand is heading in terms of product, design and technological advancement,” Genesis said in a mailed statement electronic.

Automakers regularly use concept vehicles to gauge customer interest or show the future direction of a vehicle or brand. The vehicles are not intended for sale to consumers.

Genesis Neolun Concept


The company declined to disclose whether the vehicle is a preview of an upcoming all-electric large SUV for Genesis, which has been expanding its lineup in the United States.

Genesis sales in the United States increased 23% last year to a record 69,175 units compared to 2022. Genesis, which became its own brand in 2015, has overtaken its more established luxury rival, Infiniti, and expects its sales to continue growing this year.

“Our standalone retail presence is growing rapidly and the brand continues to experience record sales results in the United States,” Tedros Mengiste, vice president of commercial operations for Genesis Motor America, said in a statement last week.

Genesis Neolun Concept


Genesis too revealed another concept called the GV60 Magma Concept, a high-performance variant of its EV compact crossover.

The brand said it aims to develop a high-performance Magma model for every production vehicle in the existing range.

The concept vehicles were revealed Monday evening ahead of their public debut this week at the New York International Auto Show.

Magma GV60 Concept


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