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Hybe and Geffen Records unveil new girl group Katseye

Geffen Records And Hybeethe K-pop entertainment company behind BTS and NewJeans, has announced the final six members of new girl group Katseye.

The Katseye finalists, who were revealed during a live event in Los Angeles on Friday evening, include Daniela Avanzini, Lara Rajagopalan and Megan Skiendiel from the United States; Yoonchae Jeong of South Korea; Sophia Laforteza from the Philippines; and Manon Bannerman from Switzerland. The final lineup was determined by a combination of early voting and real-time voting during the finale, as well as reviewer scores.

After narrowing the field to 20 candidates selected from 120,000 applications, Geffen Records and Hybe started the process September 1st. The members of Katseye, created based on the K-pop training and development system, participated in the audition program titled “The Debut: Dream Academy”, broadcast on YouTube and Japanese streaming channel Abema.

“This has been a long journey and an unprecedented collaboration between Hybe and Geffen. We are very proud of the results and of all the candidates who joined us in this project,” said Bang Si-Hyuk, chairman of Hybe, in a statement. “We wish Katseye every success as we are sure they will inspire fans around the world.”

Katseye will release her debut album in 2024. The three original and exclusive songs that debuted during the live finale – “Dirty Water,” “Girls Don’t Like” and “All the Same” – are available on YouTube.

An untitled Netflix documentary series, directed by Emmy-nominated filmmaker Nadia Hallgren (“Becoming”), will follow the years-long creative process of this international girl group. The documentary series is set to premiere in summer 2024 and is produced by Hybe, Interscope Films and Boardwalk Pictures.

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