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Horror Legacy Sequels and Why the Novelty Has Worn Off


Legacy sequels have sucked for a while and it’s time for Hollywood to stop bringing back old characters for no reason.

What exactly is a legacy suite? According to the Internet, it’s “a work that follows the continuity of the original work(s), but takes place further in the timeline, often focusing on new characters, with the originals still present in the plot.” And my boy has they became popular. From The Exorcist: Believer has Halloween 2018 even on Netflix Texas Chainsaw Massacree, they produce regularly. Damn, we have a fucking Mutilator 2 come out (and who could have expected that?). And it’s hard not to wonder why we get so many of them.

Originality can be difficult to bet on for financiers. This is why we find ourselves in the middle of trends that take over movie theaters until the general public gets sick of them. As soon as something hits them, they chase it like rabid dogs until there is nothing left to remove from the corpse. And the cycle repeats itself. Superhero movies were the latest casualty. In 2015 we saw Star Wars return with A force awakensbut I’m a horror guy, so I’ll use an example from the horror world: 2018 Halloween. This saw the return of Jamie Lee Curtis to the role that made her famous in Laurie Strode. They ignored all sequels aside from the original and decided to tell one story across three films. Except that’s not actually what happened, and they betrayed the whole concept of a legacy sequel.

While Halloween 2018 was billed as the first in a new trilogy, there wasn’t much planned after this entry. David Gordon Green and Company really did things on the fly. This is why when End of Halloween came a long time, the point of it being a legacy sequel seemed lost on the filmmakers. Characters we know from previous films don’t even act like themselves, character arcs are recycled or ignored, and we end up spending more time with a completely new person. So, what is it for ? This could have just been a normal sequel without any of the characters from 2018 Or Kill and DGG could have told his stupid Corey Cunningham story.

Then there was The Exorcist: Believer. I came to the defense of this film several times and I still don’t think it’s the bad movie some people make it out to be. But what’s bad is everything about the original Exorcist, AKA every aspect of Legacy Sequel. Get rid of those items, and it would be a unique possession story. After Believer one thing has become clear: legacy suites need to go. Because the longer they stick around, the more the filmmakers seem to lose interest completely. We want to see these characters return and honor what came before them, not completely subvert the characters. There’s nothing more insulting than seeing a character we’ve known for decades return in a Legacy sequel, only to die to serve new characters we care less about.

And that’s not to say there aren’t great Legacy sequels. Damn, in many ways, Wes Craven’s new nightmare could be considered a sequel to Legacy, so the style of film has been around for a while. But the laziness that has become their synonym becomes all too apparent. It seems like many filmmakers just think it’s enough to bring back characters from the past, without worrying about keeping them consistent or fitting them into an interesting story. It’s just, “Hey, this person is coming back so the fans should be happy.”

I was sick of Legacy Sequels once End of Halloween happened and had absolutely no relation to the rest of the series. After making several “Laurie goes after Michael” movies, we instead got “Michael sleeps in a sewer and gives his mystical powers to a clumsy car mechanic.” Just make sequels and get away from the Legacy aspect. We don’t need to see these people returning to their positions 30+ years later when these new roles essentially tarnish the previous legacy. Which makes the interest in these sequels completely moot. Here’s hoping they finally just focus on making good movies rather than making good ones that they can bring back. But the cynic in me is hard to convince.

What do you think of the Legacy sequels? Do you think we should abandon them? Or do you think we should give them another chance? Comment below and let us know!


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