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Honda recalls nearly 250,000 vehicles due to possible engine problems

Honda warns customers of engine problems on many of their vehicle models. According to AP Newsthe manufacturer recalled nearly 250,000 vehicles.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has shared documents on the reminder on Friday (November 17). Honda revealed that the mechanical problem involved the connecting rod bearings.

Honda explains the reason for the vehicle recall

Bearings can “wear and seize” due to the way they were manufactured. If this happens, engine damage may occur. Damaged engines could “run inappropriately or stall while driving, thereby increasing the risk of fire, accident or injury” according to the declaration.

At this time, Honda says it has not received any reports of injuries due to a manufacturing error. However, according to AP, drivers have filed 1,450 warranty claims regarding the problem.

The following models are those affected by the recall: ACURA/MDX/2016-2020, ACURA/TLX/2015-2020, HONDA/ODYSSEY/2018-2019, HONDA/PILOT/2016, 2018-2019 and HONDA/RIDGELINE/2017. , 2019. These models include pickup trucks, minivans, SUVs and cars.

The manufacturer submitted its recall report on Nov. 13, according to the two-page NHTSA document.

As for what happens next, Honda reportedly intends to inform its vehicle owners by mail starting January 2. In the meantime, dealers will repair or replace affected engines free of charge.

Customers can call Honda Customer Service at 888-234-2138 for more questions about this recall.

Toyota recently recalled more than a million vehicles

Honda’s notification comes shortly after Toyota’s issued a similar recall notice for 1.8 million vehicles. Their recall was due to “a fire risk linked to certain replacement batteries”. As previously stated, the affected batteries did not have the “correct dimensions”. The battery could cause a fire if it becomes detached during use.

In September, Kia and Hyundai faced a similar vehicle recall. However, the number of vehicles affected in their case exceeds three million. Their malfunction involved fluid leaking from the anti-lock braking system, which could cause a fire. The recall was a high priority due to the possible leak while the car was moving or stationary.

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