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Hollywood actor Mark Wahlberg’s call to ‘save Moore Park Golf Course’


Hollywood star Mark Wahlberg has added his voice to the campaign to “save” Sydney’s Moore Park golf course.

The New South Wales government announced in October half of the public golf course would be seized and nine holes of the course would be transformed into Sydney’s “Central Park” from 2026.

This means that up to 20 hectares of the public course will be redeveloped with the aim of supporting around 80,000 residents living within a two kilometer radius of the Moore Park area by 2040.

Sydney’s Green Square urban renewal area is already home to 33,000 people.

The change will see more green space open to the general public, with basic sports and leisure being prioritized for the new ‘central park’.

Until now, the 45 hectares of public land were used as a golf course, to which only paying golfers had access.

A nine-hole course will remain at Moore Park, with the popular driving range and clubhouse also remaining on site.

Watch Mark Wahlberg’s call to save Moore Park Golf Course in the video above.

In a video shared Saturday from the 10th hole at Moore Park, Wahlberg called on officials to reverse their decision and keep the entire 18-hole course.

“Hi everyone, especially in Sydney, Australia, Mark Wahlberg here,” he began.

“I know I’m not an Australian citizen, but I implore you to save Moore Park Golf Club,” said Wahlberg, an avid golfer who recently landed in Australia.

“It’s been there for over 100 years, it’s given people hundreds and hundreds of years of pleasure and joy.

“Just for people to be able to get out and take a nice healthy walk, spend some quality time with their family and friends.

“Please, I’ve seen a lot of parks and I haven’t seen a lot of nice public golf courses like this that are accessible to everyone. Please save Moore Park Golf Club.

The decision to cut the Moore Park golf course in half has pissed off many golferswho noted that Sydney’s Centennial Park was just down the road from Moore Park.

New South Wales Premier Chris Minns said last year that local residents – as well as others in metropolitan Sydney – had called for more parks.

“As the NSW Government mandates more density, more housing and more units, we need to balance that with more open space,” he said.

“This will transform people’s experience when they arrive in the world’s largest city, with more natural parks and more recreational spaces. This is a great opportunity for residents of this community to get out and have fun with family and friends in this densely populated area.

Addressing golfers who may contest the decision, the prime minister noted that the region is “one of the most densely populated areas in the entire country”.

“I just want to say there are a lot of golf courses in Sydney and we won’t take them all back,” he said.

“This community is expected to grow from 30,000 to 80,000 residents by 2040 within a five kilometer radius of where we are.

“And it’s a recognition from the government that as we make decisions about urban consolidation, more units, more apartments, there needs to be more green space as well, it needs to be a compromise and that’s part of our vision for Sydney.”

He added that the government is “certainly not declaring war on golf”, but that this particular golf course is better used for apartment buildings.

Sydney MP Alex Greenwich voiced his support for the move, adding he was pleased to see people enjoying a public park rather than a closed golf course.

“You know, closed 18-hole golf courses are no longer suited to the needs of global cities that continue to grow in density,” he said.

“It’s a huge opportunity to open new parks and we’re going to see golf buggies being replaced by picnic mats and children playing, and that’s what we need in this part of the world. “

Public submissions to the NSW Government on the future of Moore Park Golf Course, which will close on April 10.

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