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Healthcare IT leaders providing support to organizations impacted by Healthcare Change Incident


Statement from Ben Hilmes, CEO of Healthcare IT Leaders

The severity of the Change Healthcare cyberattack that began on February 21 cannot be overstated.

Change Healthcare processes 15 billion healthcare transactions annually, and the attack forced many providers to disconnect from Change Healthcare systems indefinitely, directly impacting patient care and reimbursement.

Due to this disruption, many hospitals and health systems will need additional resources knowledgeable in revenue cycle processes to provide immediate assistance and support. Healthcare IT Leaders is currently helping many clients meet these needs.

We have senior revenue cycle consultants available to submit electronic claims via 837 file and remittances via 835 file manually to help reduce unbilled claim volumes. We also offer additional staffing services for back-office support needs including reimbursements, claims, coding, billing and other fundamental roles in the revenue cycle.

Our cloud and security experts provide advisory support to hospitals and health systems seeking to reevaluate or strengthen their security posture to address the persistent and growing risk posed by cyberattacks.

The Healthcare IT team is committed to providing priority support around these roles for as long as necessary. We encourage our customers and anyone affected by the Change Healthcare incident to contact us at any time of the day or night if you think we can provide you with resources and assistance.

Ben Hilmes, CEO, Healthcare IT Leaders


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