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Hamas does not want people to evacuate northern Gaza (FDI)

Tel Aviv (Israel), November 6 (ANI): Amid the month-long war between Israel and Hamas, Israeli army spokesperson Jonathan Conricus said Hamas terrorists have made specific efforts to prevent Palestinians from moving south.

The IDF spokesperson said most combat operations take place in Gaza because that is where most of Hamas has its strong hold.

In a video posted on social media platform X, Conricus said: “Most combat operations are taking place in northern Gaza. There are still other strikes underway, in other areas as well, but we are focusing on northern Gaza, because that is where most of Hamas has its strong hold. He said Hamas wants to keep civilians in densely populated areas in order to achieve its goals.

“Now what we’ve seen are roadblocks. Hamas has made specific efforts to prevent Palestinians from moving south. They don’t want people to evacuate from the north. They want them to stay in densely populated areas where “It’s the most serious and difficult fight… because they want civilians at the top of their tunnels,” Conricus said.

In a brief update, focusing on the IDF’s humanitarian efforts, Conricus mentioned that forces are trying to force Palestinian civilians out of northern Gaza.

“As we have been saying for two weeks, we are trying to get Palestinian civilians out of this area and down to the south…more than a million and a half pamphlets and leaflets have been air-dropped, different colors on different days. …so people can understand that these are different brochures…we made almost 20,000 live phone calls by Israeli intelligence agents calling people in various neighborhoods like Jabaliya, in Gaza City and many other places, telling them to move to the south, not stay or stay in northern Gaza,” the IDF spokesperson said.

“All in all, this is a serious and timely effort to send the message to the Palestinian population that they should leave the northern part of Gaza and go to the southern part of Gaza… because “Where she is is not safe,” he added. he added.

The Israeli military said on Sunday that “significant strikes” were underway and that the Gaza Strip had been “cut in two”, Al Jazeera reported.

Army spokesman Daniel Hagari said Israeli forces “surrounded Gaza City” and “there is now a southern Gaza and a northern Gaza.”

“The troops have reached the coast and are holding it,” he added. “There are now widespread strikes against terrorist infrastructure – below ground and above,” Hagari was quoted as saying by Al Jazeera.

In another statement, Chief of the General Staff Lt. Gen. Herzi Halevi, during a meeting at the Northern Command, said the IDF was ready to strike northern Gaza at “any time.” “. better security situation on the borders, not only in the Gaza Strip… We are ready to strike in the north at any time,” the IDF posted on X (formerly Twitter).

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel would not agree to a ceasefire until the Hamas terror group frees the hostages it is holding, the Times of Israel reported.

“Remove this (the word ‘ceasefire’) from the lexicon. We will continue until we defeat them; we have no alternative,” Netanyahu said in a statement from his office.

Meanwhile, Israeli envoy to the United States Michael Herzog called Gaza “the world’s largest terrorist compound,” The Times of Israel reported.

He said Gaza is “the largest terrorist complex in the world,” with tens of thousands of fighters and rockets, among other weapons, and 500 kilometers of underground tunnels.

“This is what we are facing. And we have to uproot it, because if we don’t, they will strike again and again,” Herzog was quoted as saying by The Times of Israel during the “Face” interview. the Nation” from CBS. (ANI)

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