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GW expert available: Alaska Airlines and United cancel hundreds of flights after Boeing 737 Max 9s are grounded


Newswise — Alaska Airlines and United have canceled hundreds of flights today after the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration ordered U.S. airlines to stop using some Boeing 737 Max 9s until they are inspected. THE decision weekend came in response to the emergency landing of an Alaska Airlines plane that lost a piece of its fuselage in flight.

Jungho Suh is an assistant professor of management at the George Washington University School of Business. His areas of expertise include service management, diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I), entrepreneurship, human resources issues in the service sector, sustainability reporting and ESG in industry travel, digital platforms in tourism and hospitality and gastronomic tourism. Suh taught a similar case study in his previous classes when the Boeing 737 Max 8, “a different fleet,” was grounded.

Suh can discuss the broader implications and ripple effects of this decision to ground the Boeing 737 Max 9, the impact on the airline industry and the reaction and response of the US federal government.

If you would like to speak with Professor Suh, please contact GW Media Relations Specialist Cate Douglass at (email protected).


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