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French developer steals $900,000 from TICKER presale and buys NFTs and memecoins

ZackXBT recently discovered a scam involving French developer Jolan Lacroix, who embezzled $900,000 from the pre-sale of the TICKER token on Base.

TICKER had raised 877 Ethereum (ETH), equivalent to $3.19 million, with pledges of specific token distributions including liquidity provision, pre-sale, airdrops, early backer rewards and an error reserve . The project team has chosen to remain anonymous.

The scam unfolded shortly after the Token Generation Event (TGE), when Jolan, responsible for distributing the airdrop tokens, sold 13% of TICKER’s supply for $900,000 on March 16, betraying the trust from the community. ZackXBT’s investigation began with conversations with another team member, leading to the revelation of Jolan’s actions on Warpcast and X.

According to ZackXBT, Jolan attempted to launder the stolen funds by moving ETH between different blockchains using Orbiter Finance, Mayan Swap and Allbridge, from Base to Ethereum and then to Solana. He later admitted to the theft on X, unapologetically declaring he was “not sorry” before deactivating his account.

The investigation revealed that Jolan redirected $536,000 of the stolen assets to Ethereum, investing approximately $161,000 in Milady NFTs and derivatives, while also engaging in meme coin trading, keeping more than $140,000 on multiple wallets. This incident highlights the risks associated with anonymous teams and the importance of due diligence in the digital asset space.

The popularity of the Milady NFT collection has attracted several scammers over the past week. The collection’s creator, Charlotte Fang, was hacked earlier this week, as a hacker drained millions of ETH from the project’s DAO. The collection also launched its pre-sale of meme pieces, which reached its $18.6 million goal in just two hours on March 19.

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