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‘Freaky Friday 2’: Everything We Know About Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan’s Sequel


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For almost 20 years, little was said about the potential Horrible Friday following. Fans absolutely loved the Marc Eaux-comedy film made in 2003 with Jamie Lee Curtis And Lindsay Lohan as a mother and daughter, who switch bodies thanks to a magical fortune cookie. But when Lindsay moved away from actingit seemed like a sequel would never happen.

Lindsay made her 2022 acting comeback with the holiday film Fall for Christmas, what inspired Jamie Lee to finally admit that she was in contact with Disney about making a Horrible Friday following. Lindsay later confirmed she was on boardand finally confirmed that the project was in development!

Keep reading to know all the latest details about the Horrible Friday continued, below.

Jamie Lee Curtis
Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan (Photo: Everett Collection)

Will there be a Weird Friday 2?

Disney put Weird Friday 2 in the works, according to a Variety report in May 2023! The outlet reported that two decades later, Jamie Lee and Lindsay are set to return to their original roles, with Elyse Hollander create the scenario. Nearly a year later, Lindsay confirmed the news during an interview on Andy Cohen’s SiriusXM show in March 2024. After the host asked if the project was greenlit, Lindsay responded : ” It’s true. I don’t want to say too much, but it happens. And we’re both excited. I’ll speak for Jamie.

Previously, Jamie Lee appeared on View in October 2022 and admitted that she “already written at Disney” about manufacturing Weird Friday 2. “I’m very creatively open,” she said. “Bring it on. Let me be the grandma. Let me be the old grandma who switches places (with Lindsay’s character). So Lindsay becomes the sexy grandma who’s always happy to Mark Harmon either way you would be happy with Mark Harmon,” added Jamie Lee. “I’d just like to see Lindsay be the sexy grandma, and I’d like to see myself try to take care of the little ones today.”

In February 2023, Jamie Lee said Variety during an event that this would happen. “It’s going to happen,” she said at the time. “Without saying anything is officially happening, I’m looking at you right now and saying, ‘Of course it’s going to happen.’ It’s going to happen.

What Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan said Weird Friday 2?

“As I traveled the world with End of Halloweenpeople wanted to know if there would be another one Horrible Friday” said Jamie The New York Times. “Something really struck a chord. When I got back, I called my friends at Disney and said, “I feel like there’s a movie to be made.” »

Lindsay added: “Jamie and I are both open to that, so we leave that in the hands of those who are. We would only do something that people would absolutely love.

Jamie Lee spoke about Weird Friday 2 several times at the end of 2022. Before his appearance on Viewshe told a fan at a press event for her horror film End of Halloween that she would have “absolutely” do the sequel. “Lindsay Lohan and I are friends. Lindsay Lohan and I are texting. She texted me the other day,” Jamie Lee also shared.

Lindsay, who played rebellious teen Anna Coleman in the film, finally opened up about her involvement in the possible sequel during her appearance on Jimmy Fallon“We (she and Jamie Lee) talked about it, yes,” Lindsay confirmed, before explaining how “excited” she was about Jamie Lee’s speech going forward. “We would both be interested,” said the mean girls The star also said.

After Lindsay’s comments, a source close to the star confirmed at HollywoodLife that she has been in contact with Jamie Lee about the long-awaited project. “(Lindsay and Jamie Lee) are confident that they’re going to make it happen and they have a ton of incredibly talented and willing people around them who are extremely committed to getting this project off the ground and into action,” explained the initiated. . “They have already developed a plot and are talking to several different studios and producers who are all extremely interested.”

The source also said: “For Lindsay, things have come full circle. She has a second chance in her career, and she’s determined to get it right this time. When she did it Horrible Friday, which catapulted her to stardom. While she is at the height of her comeback, she knows that this film will mean a lot to her, just like it did to Jamie Lee.

Horrible Friday
Weird Friday (Photo: Everett Collection)

Latest update on Weird Friday 2 came from Jamie Lee to The Hollywood ReporterAnnual Women in Entertainment Gala on December 8. Academy Award nominated actress said E! News, “We are all ready to do it. This is not up to us at the moment. But I think everyone who needs to know knows, and it’s clear we’re in conversation. When asked where her character Tess Coleman, a therapist, would be today, Jamie Lee replied, “It’s too early to tell.” I’m going to guess that I’m going to be a grandmother.

While Jamie Lee and Lindsay are in the running for Weird Friday 2, it’s unclear if their other former cast members want to reprise their roles. These cast members include Mark Harmon as Ryan, Tess’s husband; Ryan Maglrini as Anna’s little brother Harry, Christine Vidal And Haley Hudson as Anna’s friends Maddie and Peg, and Chad Michael Murray like Anna’s crush, Jake. Unfortunately, Harold Gouldwho played Tess’s father Alan passed away in 2010. Stay tuned for more updates on Weird Friday 2 which will hopefully arrive soon!


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