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Forecast: Record heat in Western Canada, cold and snow elsewhere

A dose of sunshine is expected to warm Western Canada, while cooler temperatures and snow are forecast elsewhere in the country.

According to CTV Your Morning meteorologist Kelsey McEwen, temperatures in British Columbia and Alberta are expected to reach 10°C and 20°C on Monday, after a weekend of record heat.

A prevailing high pressure system is due to warm temperatures and sunshine, she said. Across much of British Columbia, sunshine is expected to last two more days before a slow decline brings rain midweek. Some regions will also face reduced air quality, McEwen said.

In Alberta, record temperatures will last until Monday before cooling off on Tuesday.

Across Atlantic Canada, wind and snow warnings were issued in Newfoundland and Labrador, Cape Breton and coastal Quebec. Between 15 and 25 centimeters of snow are expected in these regions. McEwen said strong wind gusts of 100 km/h are expected.

In parts of Ontario and Quebec, including Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal, temperatures will be cooler than average all week, McEwen said.

In the Prairies, blizzard conditions are possible in northern Manitoba as a low pressure center moves through the region. Regina and Saskatoon should expect unseasonably warm weather on Monday, but temperatures are expected to be below normal for the remainder of the week.

Warnings in Nunavut range from winter storm to extreme cold, depending on location. Environment Canada’s morning forecast noted an abnormal temperature trend this week in Yellowknife, where maximum temperatures expected earlier this week ranged between -17°C and -20°C, before warming to a more seasonal maximum around -10 by the weekend.

And Whitehorse could see showers or flurries with a forecast high of 8, but the temperature is expected to gradually cool down throughout the week.

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