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Fight breaks out at Singapore rugby match after player kicks immobile opponent

Responding to questions from CNA on Tuesday, the Singapore Rugby Union said it was an “unfortunate incident” between two friendly players off the field. He said he could not reveal the names of the players involved.

Singapore Rugby Union chief executive Sidney Kumar said the Oldham player did not suffer a serious injury.

Cards were issued to the Saints player who kicked the injured Oldham player, as well as those involved in the fight. The Singapore Rugby Union has “mobilized club presidents and players involved”.

“The rugby community is very united and both parties have expressed regret that the incident occurred. Both players have mutually apologized and are awaiting the legal outcome,” he said.

Mr Kumar added that the Singapore Rugby Union has a “a comprehensive legal procedure which is consistent with the way in which the world of rugby deals with these incidents.

“Our team of qualified lawyers and judicial officials will deliberate and determine the extent of the measures to be taken,” he said.

“There is no place in rugby for this type of behavior and this matter will be dealt with harshly.”

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