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Every movie doesn’t need its own universe

With the recently announced Poohniverse, one thing has become abundantly clear: franchises are spiraling out of control.

A few months ago I spoke about onslaught of public domain horror films we were submissive. And even though these films would have been relegated straight to DVD in another era, Fathom Events came along and gave these small projects a platform. So instead of toiling in the bargain bins at Walmart, they get brief theatrical releases. One such film is the recent film Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey 2. Surprisingly, the movie wasn’t that great (you can check my positive review here) but what struck me was the brief introduction of the filmmakers.

Star/Producer Scott Rooms and writer/director Rhys Frake-Waterfield talking to the camera about their plans for what they describe as the Poohniverse. What exactly is the Poohniverse? Well, it’s an MCU style world where characters like Pooh, Bambi, and Peter Pan exist together and murder people. As Blood and Honey 2 proves, there’s entertainment to be had in watching classic characters murder teenagers, slasher-style. The bar is pretty low as long as they include a surplus of casualties. After participating in their own individual films, the horror-leaning characters would come together Avengers-style to Poohniverse: the monsters gather.

The biggest problem I have is that filmmakers aren’t just waiting to see if there’s a desire and demand for it, they’re just showing their track record as a filmmaker. And sure, I’m sure there’s a bit of mockery about how the MCU does reveals, but that doesn’t make theirs any less ridiculous. It’s unclear how successful these films will be, and given their heavy reliance on gimmicks, it wouldn’t surprise me if the joke wears off quickly. Because I guess “classic literary characters who kill people” have a shelf life.

Fortunately, unlike the MCU which can sometimes stretch for years, the plan for the Poohniverse simply extends to 2025. But even still, it seems very arrogant to expect to be able to make movies this stupid and to expect others to have some semblance of connection. to that. One of the attractions of this type of film is that you can go into it without any knowledge of anything and just have fun. Bring a group of friends and laugh about it. But in creating a universe, the viewer is expected to need to know past events in order to understand the full story. Even if this is not the case, the MCU and other series have conditioned the general public to a different world.

And while it probably seems like I’m deferring to the Poohniverse, it’s simply the most relevant example. But that could be said of many different attempts at launching a franchise before the public even desires one. In the search for a hit series, companies look beyond the most important element: the audience’s desire for more. And when they know there’s another one around the corner, what makes them buy a ticket?

What do you think? Does every film need its own cinematic universe? Can we ever have standalone films? Did the MCU ruin everything? Let us know in the comments below!

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