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‘Euthanizer’ Producer It’s Alive Films Working on Adventure Film ‘Copernicus Secrets’: ‘It Has the Potential to Travel Like Hell’ (EXCLUSIVE)


Helsinki-based production company It’s Alive Films has joined the upcoming “Copernicus Secrets” as a co-producer, joining Studio OrkaMagdalena Zimecka (Poland) and Anita Juka (Croatia) from 4film.

Recently, Orka co-produced Naomi Watts’ survival drama “Infinite Storm” by Małgorzata Szumowska and Michał Englert, as well as “Illusion” by Marta Minorowicz.

“We like to try new things and have never been involved in this type of co-production before. Copernicus was an intellectual giant whose vision had a tremendous impact on modern science. In a way, this story has been relevant since the 15thth century,” said Finnish Jani Pösö.

Leading It’s Alive Films alongside director and long-time collaborator Teemu Nikki, Pösö is also behind Finland’s 2018 Oscar entry “Euthanizer,” Venice winner “The Blind Man Who Wouldn’t See Titanic.” or the children’s film “Snot & Splash – The Mystery”. holes that disappear”, with Pekka Strang.

Currently, the duo is shopping their new feature film “100 Liters of Gold”. Presented at the Nordic Film Market, it features two sisters famous for their Finnish farm beer called “sahti”. When the third sister decides to get married, they decide to produce 100 liters of drink. But it’s so good that they end up drinking it all – right before the wedding.

“We previously worked with Orka on ‘Snot & Splash,’ but we actually started talking about co-producing (a project together) in 2019. They have the perfect positive attitude and ‘Copernicus’ has the potential to travel like hell,” Pösö added.

“Its story is part of European history and contains many previously unpublished details.”

Nicolaus Copernicus, born in 1473, was a Polish astronomer. He proposed that the Earth and other planets revolve around the Sun. But the film, written by Teodor Kosch – also a creative producer – and supervised by producer Hélène Zaleski of Lutetia Film, will not be a “typical historical or biographical film”. Michał Oleszczyk was hired as a script consultant.

Teodor Kosch and Jani Pösö

“The aim of our project is not only to present his genius, but also to show, through this exceptional character, the dynamic changes that took place in Europe in the 15th and 16th centuries,” Kosch said. The Polish Film Institute supported the script.

“It is about the divisions between the Eastern and Western world, which reveal old quarrels, caused by different interests of empires whose traditions continue today. In describing these mechanisms, we will also not hesitate to show the process of falsification of history. This was useful to some forces in the 15thth century. Today, it also has dangerous potential.

Kosch called Copernicus “an influencer of his time and a rebellious idol followed by crowds.”

“This film gives us the opportunity to present the fate of one of the most famous Polish scientists under the guise of adventure cinema, but it also serves as a wonderful metaphor, exploring historical rules that still affect our modern times.”

Magdalena Zimecka from Orka observed: “We have been trying our best to be a strong co-production partner for years. Our post-production facilities and our own VFX team allow us to deliver technologically demanding projects.

“We are committed to participating in every project from the beginning, also because it is a pleasure to observe the creative process right from the development phase. Our cooperation with Lutetia perfectly meets our expectations. We truly believe in “Copernicus”. This character rules! Especially in this incarnation.


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