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Elon Musk sues Sam Altman and OpenAI for violating its founding mission by seeking profits over the “benefit of humanity”


Sam Altman survived a boardroom coup OpenAI last year, but Elon Muskit doesn’t go down. The billionaire sued him and Microsoft’s partner company in San Francisco court for breach of contract.

“This case is filed to compel OpenAI to adhere to the founding agreement and return to its mission of developing AGI for the benefit of humanity, not for the personal benefit of individual defendants and the largest technology company of the world,” the suit states.

“Mr. Musk has long recognized that AGI poses a grave threat to humanity – perhaps the greatest existential threat we face today,” he said, referring to the artificial general intelligence. “Our entire economy relies on humans working together and finding the best solutions to a difficult task. If a machine can solve almost any task better than us, that machine becomes more economically useful than us .

“But where some, like Mr. Musk, see AGI as an existential threat, others see AGI as a source of profit and power.”



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