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Edward Zwick blames himself for the failure of Jack Reacher: Never Go Back


Director Edward Zwick reflects on the failure of his 2016 film Jack Reacher: Never Go Back in his memoir, blaming himself for it

Sure, Tom Cruise looks nothing like the character Jack Reacher as depicted in Lee Child’s novels – but the average moviegoer didn’t seem to care in 2012, when audiences showed up to watch the film. Jack Reacherwritten and directed by Christopher McQuarrie (based on Child’s novel A shot) a box office success. Made with a budget of 60 million dollars, Jack Reacher earned over $218 million worldwide. It seemed like Cruise had a new franchise on his hands. But sometimes bizarre decisions are made in the name of the franchise. While McQuarrie is busy working on another Cruise franchise (Impossible mission), THE Jack Reacher the sequel was entrusted to Cruise The last Samourai director Edward Zwick. A promising start. But then the questionable decisions began, culminating in a sequel – 2016’s. Jack Reacher: Never Go Back – which fell short of its predecessor in every respect.

Zwick reflects on the failure of Jack Reacher: Never Go Back in his memoirs Successes, flops and other illusions: my forty years in Hollywood (take a copy HERE), in writing, “Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, which Tom Cruise and I made in 2016, fizzled at the box office. I blame myself (and my willing accomplice, Don Granger) for thinking that audiences might enjoy a mix of Jack Reacher And Moon paper, when in fact they just wanted more red meat. I had a wonderful time working with Cobie Smulders, and I certainly don’t blame Tom for not being six and a half – as the novelist Lee Child described his protagonist – what if Tom called me to do a third movie together, I definitely would. pick up.

Like I said, weird choices. Jack Reacher had just introduced us to a formidable new hero: an army deputy turned badass who would break bones and smash skulls while solving mysteries. The fact that anyone would think that the best option for a sequel would be to have a child sidekick (who may or may not be his daughter) cast the character in a movie Moon paper the mash-up is confusing. But that’s what we got. I still enjoyed the movie, but it’s not what I was hoping for the second one Reach the movie would be.

Made with a budget of between 60 and 96 million, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back earned $162 million at the worldwide box office. The film franchise ended there. NOW Reach lives on as a TV series on Prime Video, with the more kid-friendly Alan Ritchson in the title role.

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Jack Reacher: Never Go Back


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