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Donald Trump will not reappoint Fed Chairman Jerome Powell if elected president


In a recent statement, former President Donald Trump made clear that if elected to a second term, he would not reappoint Jerome Powell as Chairman of the Federal Reserve. Trump has expressed dissatisfaction with the current Fed chair’s performance and suggests Powell will make cuts to try to give Democrats an advantage in the 2024 elections.

Trump’s criticism comes amid concerns about inflation and the Federal Reserve’s handling of monetary policy. The former president believes that Powell’s approach was too “political” and was not in the best interest of the US economy. The Federal Reserve plays a crucial role in setting economic policy and managing interest rates, impacting everything from employment to inflation.

“No, I wouldn’t do that,” Trump said when asked if he would reappoint Jerome Powell. “I think he’s going to do something to help the Democrats if he lowers interest rates,” Trump continued. The former president then mentioned that he had “multiple choices” as to who he would replace Powell with, but declined to reveal exactly who.

This announcement adds an interesting dimension to the political and economic landscape, paving the way for possible changes at the head of the Federal Reserve if Trump obtains a second term. Powell has faced challenges since being appointed to his second term as Fed chair by current US President Joe Biden, including dealing with the economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic.

As political dynamics continue to evolve, Trump’s stance on Powell and the Federal Reserve will continue to be the focus of discussion, given the critical role that institution plays in shaping the economic trajectory of the country. Investors, policymakers and the public will be watching closely to see how this statement influences economic narratives and potential leadership changes at the Federal Reserve.


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