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Democratic Rep. Himes: Hamas steals aid, but Israel needs more aid

On Wednesday’s CNN Newsroom, Rep. Jim Himes (D-CT) said Hamas “has a long history of stealing aid” and “needs to stop it,” but that Israel should also inspect ground shipments of aid much more quickly so more aid can arrive and welcomed the airdrop of U.S. aid to Gaza.

Himes said: “Look, the humanitarian situation inside Gaza is untenable, and all parties involved here need to do more. Of course, Hamas, which has a long history of stealing aid, must stop it for the sake of the people it claims to represent. Of course, the United States is doing everything it can. There are airdrops, there is a pier being built in the ocean. The Israelis must commit to inspecting land cargo much more quickly than they are doing. Starving people in Gaza serves no one’s interests. This is both a moral affront and ultimately not in the interest of a long-term solution to this problem. So I would answer your question by saying that each party involved needs to make much more effort than they currently do to ensure that humanitarian aid is provided. »

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