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CleverTap Helps Canifa in Vietnam Achieve Higher App Conversion Rate


CleverTap, the all-in-one engagement platform, today announced that Canifa, the leading Vietnamese fashion brand, achieved a 54% higher app conversion rate after deploying CleverTap.

Canifa has more than 100 physical points of sale across Vietnam and a strong online presence. Canifa strives to create fluid and differentiated customer journeys and the same principle is extended to the purchasing experience built on the mobile application. The tools previously used by Canifa had several limitations, leading to data silos, negatively impacting real-time personalization. This presented a significant challenge as they sought to capture tech-savvy consumers in Vietnam’s highly competitive fashion market.

CleverTap’s integrated approach to customer engagement makes it the ideal solution for Canifa. By unifying data from disparate sources, CleverTap helped Canifa build a detailed customer profile with granular information on preferences and more. Due to the competitive nature of the fashion industry, prioritizing memorization was essential. For this, CleverTap leveraged various engagement channels – SMS, Push, In App messages, email, etc. to ensure consistent mind-sharing between users. Among these channels, push notifications and app channels have played a central role, ensuring fast and personalized interactions.

Canifa achieved a 54% higher app conversion rate using CleverTap’s engagement platform. Facing the challenges of previous tools and data silos, CleverTap unified data sources, enabling personalized customer profiles and targeted engagement channels. The results include an increase in app conversion rate, increased revenue per user, and a higher conversion rate.

Benefits of implementing CleverTap:

  1. 7% increase in revenue per user (60 day period)
  2. 7% increase in retention (60 day period)
  3. 50% increase in conversion rate (MoM)
  4. 4% increase in stickiness (60 day period)
  5. 20% increase in retention rate
  6. 54% increase in app conversion rate

Hoang Quoc Khanh, martech expert, Canifa said, “CleverTap is a unique and powerful tool that allows our marketers to independently design and deliver personalized experiences, quickly and at scale. We saw our conversion rates increase by 54% and our revenue per user by 7%. This unprecedented level of growth has allowed us to maintain our leading position in the Vietnamese fashion market. We look forward to deploying the CleverTap platform for upcoming brands across our diverse portfolio, anticipating equally stellar results.

Sidharth Pisharoti, Chief Revenue Officer, CleverTap said, “Partnering with a market leader like Canifa in a hypercompetitive market was both a challenge and an opportunity for us. Because in today’s fast-paced fashion landscape, trends move quickly and adaptability is key. Canifa’s impressive 7% increase in revenue per user demonstrates CleverTap’s ability to positively impact customers’ businesses. And we look forward to playing a central role in Canifa’s future successes.

Note: The content of this press release has not been edited by Fibre2Fashion staff.

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