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‘Classy’ act after AFL legend brutally knocked out

Eight AFL greats are set to line up in the squared circle for the first time ahead of the league’s Gather Round in Adelaide.

Mitch Robinson and Kane Pettifer, Kane Cornes and Nathan Brown, Dane Swan and Dale Thomas, and Anthony Rocca and Corey McKernan are all ready for their first time in the boxing ring.

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The fights will undoubtedly attract attention, but this is a legitimate card featuring Jackson England fighting Jamal Herring for the WBO world super featherweight crown.

The evening will also see Jack Brubaker, Joel Camilleri and the debut of Alex Leapai Jr., the son of former heavyweight contender Alex Leapai.

The card begins at 7 p.m. AEDT (6:30 p.m. local time in Adelaide). Fight night is a Pay per view exclusive to Stan ($50) and requires an active Stan membership to purchase the event.

Note: All times in AEDT

7:35 p.m. – Rocca rocks McKernan in a stunning punch

Anthony Rocca landed the first punch of the AFL clashes, rocking Corey McKernan with a big left hand in the first round.

Rocca, 46, was the busier of the two and landed a huge left that left McKernan, 50, stunned early in the first round.

McKernan needed a standing eight count and Barry Michael said it should have been called off on the spot.

“He’s got a lot of problems – I don’t think he’s any good,” Michael said. “He’s going to be hurt.”

Although he beat the count and continued, McKernan did not look good until the end of the first round.

While he landed a few more punches in the second round, Rocca was more than willing, eventually landing a short left that dropped McKernan.

Rocca held off McKernan after the knockout.

Although the referee started the count, it was clear that McKernan was finished.

“I really don’t think Corey McKernan recovered from the first round,” Barry Michael said on commentary.

Rocca said he did a lot of work, losing 20kg before fight night, and clearly had some power in his left hand.

“I know I’ve done a lot of work, I’ve done a ton of work in this preparation,” Rocca said.

“I hit him flush and I knew he was down.

“We don’t want to hurt anyone. We are not boxers, we come in here and we do our best. The professionals who come here work very hard.

Australian boxing legend Danny Green called restraining McKernan a “classy” act of sportsmanship on Rocca’s part.

“He hurt him in the first round with a shot and Corey, he knows he’s not a boxer and he was outmatched, but I’m so proud of this guy for showing so much class and grace – he knew he had hurt him, ”

“A classy act from Anthony Rocca, as you would expect, he’s a classy guy.”

Rocca said he wasn’t sure if he would return to the squared circle, but said he would celebrate with a beer after 20 years without drinking.

McKernan echoed Mike Tyson’s words that “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.”

7:20 p.m. — Judge’s card raises eyebrows during the draw

Sergei Vorobev and Wes Capper fought out a brilliant eight-round draw to kick off the evening.

Both fighters dropped a few bombs and the commentators definitely thought it was close.

One of the commentators said the cards could be anywhere and two fought at 76-76, the third at 79-73.

While this is a telling result, it is ultimately a majority draw.

6 p.m. — “I have to pay”: Swan’s threat to the Pies defector

The pair may be friends and 2010 premiership teammates, but 2011 Brownlow medalist Dane Swan has vowed to make Dale Thomas pay for his sins after the latter finished his career at Carlton.

It’s just one of four fights between former AFL stars on Stan Sports’ The Gathering fight night on Wednesday.

Thomas’ departure from Collingwood was seen as a betrayal by Pies fans at the time, leaving the club where he had won the premiership in free agency.

Thomas played 101 matches with the Blues between 2014 and 2019 for a total of 258 matches.

Swan, who coincidentally also played 258 games but all for the Pies between 2002 and 2016, said his ex-teammate, affectionately known as ‘Daisy’, should not have left the side.

“I’m not a hateful person, I’m not an angry person but he has to pay for his sins for going to Carlton,” Swan said. The wide world of sport.

“We’re friends and we’ll have quite a few beers after the fight, but once the bell rings I can’t wait to punch him in the head.”

All four AFL fights last four two-minute rounds, which suits Swan well.

He admitted that he “can’t run very well but I can bounce for eight minutes.”

Swan also revealed he lost 10 pounds when he went to Vegas for his 40th birthday, which interrupted his training.

But he added he has been boxing for a long time, saying he hates running, hasn’t lifted weights since he finished playing in the AFL and “swimming bores me”.

“I can do four laps comfortably, that’s just the number of times I get hit. But I’m ready to go,” Swan said. The daily mail.

“I lost five kilos in Vegas… I played at 95 kg, I’m at 88-89 kg now. I’m as thin as I’ve been since I came out of the jungle (in I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here in 2017).

The Gathering – full map

Jamal Herring (24-4-0) vs. Jackson England (15-3-0) for the WBO Global Super Featherweight title

Mitch Robinson (debut) vs. Kayne Pettifer (debut)

Jack Brubaker (17-5-2) vs. In Duck Seo (15-3-2)

Kane Cornes (debut, 78.8 kg) vs. Nathan Brown (debut, 83.9 kg)

Joël Camilleri (27-8-1) against Joël Pavlides (5-2-1)

Dane Swan (debut, 92.6 kg) vs. Dale Thomas (debut, 93.3 kg)

Alex Leapal Jnr (debut) v Joe Ageli (2-1-0)

Anthony Rocca (debut) vs. Corey McKernan (debut)

Sergei Vorobev drew with Wes Capper in the majority draw (76-76×2, 79-73)

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