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Chinese germanium exports rise in October, but export restrictions limit gains

BEIJING: Chinese exports of gallium and germanium products recovered in October, customs data showed on Monday, although volumes remain well below last year’s levels due to export restrictions introduced in august.

China exported 648 kilograms of raw and raw germanium products last month, up from 1 kilogram in September and 2.41 tonnes in October 2022.

Under the customs code of “germanium oxides and zirconium dioxide”, data showed exports of 1,163 tonnes in October, compared to 1,420 tonnes in September.

It could not be verified whether the shipments consisted only of zirconium dioxide or whether they also included germanium oxide.

Last month, China also exported 100 kilograms of processed gallium products and 150 kilograms of raw gallium products, respectively, compared to no exports in August and September due to restrictions.

China exported a total of 3.25 tons of raw and raw gallium products in October 2022.

China introduced restrictions on exports of eight gallium products and six germanium products on August 1, the latest salvo in a growing war between Beijing and Washington over access to materials used in the manufacture of high-tech microchips. technology.

Exporters of germanium and gallium products must now obtain an export license for dual-use items and technologies, i.e. those with potential military and civilian applications.

November exports for the two niche metals products are expected to improve further with more companies securing permits in October and November, three Chinese traders said.

“We got a permit in early November and just arranged shipping,” said one trader.

China’s exports of raw and raw germanium totaled 37.3 tonnes in the first ten months of 2023, up 32.4% year-on-year, while shipments of raw and raw gallium products plunged from 56.8% over the year to 36.2 tonnes over the same period.

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