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ChatGPT just took a big step towards becoming the next Google with its new account-free version

The most widely available (and free) version of ChatGPT, ChatGPT-3.5, is made available without having to create and log in to a personal account. This means you can have conversations with the AI ​​chatbot without it being linked to personal information such as your email. However, OpenAI, the technology organization behind ChatGPT, limits what users can do without creating an account. For example, unregistered users will be limited in the type of questions they can ask and their access to advanced features.

This means that there are still some benefits to creating and using a ChatGPT account, especially if you are a regular user. OpenAI writes in an official blog post that this change aims to make it easy for people to try ChatGPT and get a taste of what modern AI can do, without going through the registration process.

In its April 1, 2024 announcement, OpenAI explained that it was rolling out the change gradually, so if you want to try it for yourself and can’t yet, don’t panic. In an interview with PCMag, an OpenAI spokesperson explained that this change is in line with OpenAI’s overall mission to allow users to “experience ChatGPT and the benefits of AI”.

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Create an OpenAI account or not create an OpenAI account

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