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Cat-Themed Tokens Continue to Rise as MEW Tops Coin Rankings


As Solana meme coins continue to dominate the bull market, traders are turning to a new niche of cat-themed tokens.

The market capitalization of meme coins increased by 9% today, reaching almost $70 billion. Within this sector, the market capitalization of Solana meme coins has increased by over 20% today, surpassing $8 billion.

However, the main winners in the meme coin market today are not the most popular tokens like DOGE, SHIB, BONK or even WIF, which have reached a new all-time high. Instead, this is a new category of cat-themed tokens.

Cat in a Dogs World (MEW), one of the latest Solana-based cat meme tokens, is up 110% today following its launch earlier this week. In just 48 hours of trading, the token reached a market capitalization of $200 million.

Lookonchain says several early traders made millions with MEW, starting trading as low as 30 SOL. One trader turned a $6,000 investment into $530,000 in hours. The hype behind MEW seems to be shifting interests, as meme coin enthusiasts constantly look for the next promising presale in the bull market.

Growing interest in meme coins is driving Solana’s market performance, with the altcoin gaining nearly 70% in March.

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