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Sindh Human Rights Commission (SHRC) Chairman Iqbal Detho stressed the importance of improving the conditions of informal sector workers and called for the implementation of a minimum monthly wage of Rs 32,000 in the province. He also called for a comprehensive review of laws related to slavery and human trafficking in collaboration with the standing committees of the provincial assembly.

Detho was speaking at an interactive session with stakeholders from the Sindh government and experts from the United States on best practices to combat human trafficking and bonded labor in the province. The event, organized by the Sustainable Social Development Organization (SSDO) in collaboration with SHRC and the US Embassy, ​​took place on Friday.

Pointing out that the Constitution prohibits slavery and human trafficking under Articles 3 and 11, Detho outlined the political principles regarding this issue. He also discussed the provisions of the Pakistan Penal Code relating to human trafficking, bonded labour, sexual exploitation and child labour.


Violators of the minimum wage law will be prosecuted

The SHRC aims to collaborate with the standing committees of the Sindh Assembly to review and improve laws relating to labor and agricultural workers. Having the power to revise the legislation, the SHRC seeks to advocate for a salary increase from Rs25,000 to Rs32,000 through the Sindh Labor Department. Detho praised the ministry’s dedication to this cause.

While speaking at the session, Joseph Salavarria, a former US law enforcement officer and anti-trafficking in persons (TIP) expert, provided an overview of the positive achievements that can be made .

The newly elected MPs, including PPP’s Marvi Rashidi, MQM-P’s Ali Khurheedi and MQM-P’s lawyer Sofia Shah, highlighted various issues that need special attention. They stressed the importance of publicizing available laws and institutions dedicated to addressing these concerns, urging all political parties to collectively prioritize this issue.

Published in The Express Tribune, March 3rd2024.


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