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Boss baby! Kylie Jenner’s Clothing Line Reportedly Grossed $1 Million Within an Hour of Launch

Kylie Jenner has officially launched her brand new clothing line, Khy. She actively promotes it online, and rumor has it that Khy surpassed $1 million in sales within 60 minutes of its launch!

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Looks like Kylie Jenner is off to a great start with Khy!

The 26-year-old has officially kicked Khy on Wednesday (November 1), and she had spoken about it beforehand on social networks.

With the launch, fans were given access to parts of “Let go of 001” and the faux leather trench coat – along with the faux leather mini dress – apparently attracted the most attention online.

During its highly anticipated launch, PEOPLE reports that the brand’s first collection surpassed $1 million in sales within the first hour of its launch. Additionally, the outlet notes that the trench coat, mini dress and “motorcycle gloves” sold out quickly.

As for those who weren’t able to grab any of the “Drop 001” pieces, the outlet reports that another collection is about to be released. very Soon.

The businesswoman says she is “totally involved” in the brand: “It’s very personal”

This development follows Kylie Jenner speaking out about Khy during a meeting with Vogue.

Regarding the launch, she described feeling both “really nervous” and “really excited” about the continuation.

Without going into details, she also spoke of the “strong interest” generated by Khy. She went so far as to recognize, “It’s bigger than I could have imagined.” IKTR!

“There has been strong interest. And a lot of engagement on all social networks. It’s bigger than I could have imagined.

Kylie Jenner also explained how she is “completely hands-on” with the entire brand, listing various examples of her hands-on approach.

“I want people to know how involved I am in all of this. From original concept to design, or co-design if we are working with other designers, to fabric (and) color selection, I was involved in all the fitting meetings. I am the creative director of the brand And marketing. There is no Instagram post or video that was not personally edited by me, there has not been an Instagram post that I did not post myself. I do the creation for all my shoots.

She finished by adding, “I worked really hard on it, I put all my love into it and I can’t wait for people to discover these clothes. It’s very personal.

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