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Bodies of two Senegalese men found in woods near Canadian border


NEW YORK CITY, New York: New York State Police say the bodies of two Senegalese men, Abdoulaye Ndoye and Ndongo Sarry, who froze to death were found in the snow in a wooded area near the Canadian border .

The bodies of Ndoye and Sarry, both 25 and from Dakar, were found last week near the border town of Mooers by a Border Patrol agent who was conducting a routine search in the woods.

In a statement, state police said a sniffer dog detected a body under the snow and then a second body in a rural area of ​​upstate New York that has become a popular spot for people attempting to illegally cross from Canada to the United States on foot.

Autopsies determined the cause of death to be hypothermia due to exposure in a damp, cold environment, and a coroner ruled the death accidental.

State police said they are still investigating.


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