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Bitcoin ETFs see their first outing since March 22 at $85.8 million

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Data from BitMEX shows that Bitcoin (BTC) exchange-traded funds (ETFs) saw a net outflow of $85.8 million, equivalent to 1,230.3 BTC, marking the first outflow since March 22.

ETF data in dollars: (Source: BitMEX)

Grayscale’s GBTC continued to dominate outflows, with $302.6 million, equivalent to 4,337.4 BTC, withdrawn. GBTC has now seen a staggering $15,070.2 billion in outflows, the equivalent of 288,274 BTC, according to BitMEX.

In contrast, inflows into other ETFs remained relatively modest, with BlackRock’s IBIT being the notable exception. IBIT recorded inflows of $165.9 million, equivalent to 2,377.2 BTC, bringing its total inflows to $14,123.7 billion, equivalent to 254,509 BTC. Ark’s ETF ARKB saw its first day of outflows, albeit modest, at $0.3 million, the equivalent of 5 BTC. ARKB has now seen $2,304.0 billion in inflows, the equivalent of 44,471 Bitcoin, according to BitMEX.

ETF data in BTC: (Source: BitMEX)
ETF data in BTC: (Source: BitMEX)

Overall, ETFs saw a total net inflow of $12,039.7 billion, or the equivalent of 211,621 BTC, according to BitMEX.

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