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Bitcoin address data is now available in Google Search


In a significant move, Google has started indexing Bitcoin blockchain data in its search engine results. Users can now search for Bitcoin addresses and see transaction details directly in Google searches.

This integration comes after years of a difficult relationship between Google and Bitcoin. The tech giant banned Bitcoin-related ads in 2018 before reversing course in January 2024 and allowing Bitcoin ETF ads after their approval earlier this year. The policy change signaled Google’s warming stance.

Now, displaying Bitcoin data in search results significantly expands public access to on-chain activity. With Google processing over 3.5 billion searches daily, core Bitcoin blockchain data is now readily available alongside standard web results.

Currently, Google allows three address formats: P2PKH, P2SH and Bech32. When searching for any of these public Bitcoin addresses, users will see the current balance, its last update, and the balance of the last transaction.

The move is significant given Google’s large global user base. Mainstream adoption of Bitcoin depends in part on accessible tools for exploring and understanding the Bitcoin blockchain, and Google Search democratizes this ability to some extent.

For now, Bitcoiners applaud Google for its gradual integration. By showing primary data alongside standard results, Google opened the door to broader knowledge of the channel. If adoption continues to grow, more comprehensive indexing could follow closely.


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