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Bill Maher laments rejection of Western civilization values ​​by misguided social justice warriors

“Western civilization is what gave that word all the damn liberal precepts to worship. » Bill Maher » thundered during his “New Rules” editorial on Friday Real time. He then listed religious freedom and other benefits.

So, Maher argued, citing a recent statement by President Joe Biden: “The world would be a better place if we had more Israel.” People live better lives today because of Western ideals, not in spite of them, Maher argued, and that’s why he fights anti-Israel backlash, particularly on college campuses. “It’s like a volcano has exploded,” he says. “I do not know where it comes from.”

This is the theme that also emerged from the evening’s round table, in which participants Farid ZakariaCNN host Fareed Zakaria GPS and columnist for the Washington PostAnd Ian Bremmer, president of Eurasia Group and GZERO Media. There has been a lot of dismay and few solid answers about how things got to this point.

Zakaria said he understood how traumatized Israel is as a country and stressed that killing people in Gaza would breed more hatred. “How do you separate the bad guys from a million children?” He asked.

Bremmer said there was “no strategic reason for (Israel) to eliminate Hamas today.” But he also said he understands the need for revenge, comparing it to that of a father whose daughter has been raped.

Maher pointed to Hamas’ inflammatory statements promising more attacks like those of October 7 as the reason for Israel’s huge counterattacks. “They (Hamas) are telling you that we are going to do it again.”

Bremmer accused social media of inflaming people. Maher agreed and said the venomous posters resembled people carrying Tiki torches. He said the ease of posting on smartphones makes people “shady, mean and passive-aggressive.” They want to see themselves as social justice warriors. He added: “Imagine if they had to move to Gaza. »

Earlier in the program, Maher spoke with representative Dean Phillips, a Democratic congressman from Minnesota’s 3rd District who recently announced his Biden primary campaign for the 2024 presidential nomination.

Maher again argued that Biden is now “Ruth Bader Biden,” and although the host claimed he did a good job, like the late Supreme Court justice, “he didn’t know when to stop” .

Phillips pointed to polls that indicate large numbers of Democrats want someone else to run.

The congressman was loose on the show and, at one point, took out glasses to show that he looks like Maher. But he pointed out that his colleagues are talking about Biden’s decline and his insistence that he run, a prospect that will “make 2016 joyful,” Phillips said, adding: “I wish we had more competition instead than a coronation.

Biden will lose the election, Phillips said. “We have to do something, and thank God we still live in a country where we can.”

Maher zinged the candidate by receiving a long list of races and ethnicities he wanted to embrace. Maher reminded him not to forget gays and trans people.

“We are at risk if we continue to fight on any lines,” Phillips retorted.

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