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‘BCCI needs makeover’: Indian star on busy domestic cricket schedule | Cricket News


India and Mumbai, versatile Shardul Thakur said on Sunday that the BCCI will have to review the schedule for next year’s Ranji Trophy as playing 10 matches with just three days gap between matches could lead to injuries to players. Thakur said it was difficult for players to adjust to the three-day gap between knockout matches, which was not the case earlier. ‘B “It’s difficult because we play first-class matches three days apart – that has never happened in the Ranji Trophy season,” Thakur told the media here after making a fine century in the semi-final against Tamil Nadu.

“You know the schedule is getting tighter and tighter. If the boys continue to play like this for two more seasons, there will be a lot of injuries across the country. “Next year they (the BCCI) will have to re-examine the situation and give more respite,” he added.

He said that a few years ago, players had more days between Ranji Trophy matches.

“When I remember playing Ranji Trophy back then, 7 or 8 years ago, (the) first three matches had (a) three-day break, then there was (a) four-day break and Eliminations were played over five-day breaks.

“This year we found that all matches were played with an interval of three days. It is extremely difficult for domestic players to expect them to play ten matches in a row with only three days apart . if (one) team reaches the final.

“Also, when nine teams were in the group, one team would get a break in the round robin system. Now only eight teams are in a group, everyone is playing against each other, so this break is finished now,” Thakur added. .

Thakur backed up his statement by citing the example of his Mumbai team, which had to juggle available resources.

He acknowledged that the current schedule has not given the leaders enough time to recover.

“Yes, 100 per cent because Mohit (Avasthi) also got injured in the sixth match,” he said.

Avasthi was rested during the league phase against Chhattisgarh by Mumbai as he also reportedly developed a hamstring-related problem.

“He played five games in a row. He had a huge workload as Tushar (Deshpande) had also been selected for India A. He was not available. Dhawal (Kulkarni) was playing alternate games, considering “Royston (Dias) is relatively new,” Thakur said.

“He (Mohit) did a lot of surgery in those first five games, then he got injured and had to miss a game. I think it’s because there’s not enough spacing between the players. matches,” Thakur added.

Tamil Nadu Captain R Sai Kishorewho took his team to the knockout stages of the Ranji Trophy for the first time in seven years while also crossing the 50-wicket mark this season, agreed with Thakur.

“A few players feel the same way. Fast bowlers get very tired because you travel for just one day. For me, I don’t practice much because of the three days,” Sai Kishore said.

“I play straight match by match so the load on my body is good. I don’t get tired during pre-match training. I manage myself that way but it should be more difficult for fast bowlers,” he added.

Thakur, meanwhile, admitted that an international comeback for India was not in the cards despite his maiden century in all formats.

“I think the international return is far away now because the Test team is already away for the fifth match (against England) and after that we are entering the IPL.

“It’s far, I don’t think that far. But yes, scoring a century is a big, big relief and it was also very important for the team at that time,” he added.

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