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Analysis | The Lerners hold the Nats. Here’s why it makes sense (for now).


While the state of a team’s roster doesn’t necessarily dramatically affect the value of a franchise, it certainly influences its attractiveness. The Baltimore Orioles, which recently saw a change of ownership, could present themselves as entering a new golden age thanks to a talented young team honed over a brutal half-decade of losing. In terms of on-field appeal, this franchise will never have been more promising than it was when the change happened at the top.

The Nationals, meanwhile, are still firmly halfway through their rebuild. By the end of this year, they should have a better idea of ​​which prospects they can rely on for the long term. Left-hander Patrick Corbin, who hasn’t been the same since the 2019 World Series title, will be a free agent, meaning his huge salary will no longer be counted. In a year or two, this roster will likely be even cheaper, with more established young talent and a clearer sense of direction. From that perspective, the Nationals will be more attractive to a potential buyer in a few years than they are now.


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