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American Victoria’s Secret signs multi-year partnership with Google Cloud


Victoria’s Secret & Co (VS&Co) and Google Cloud have announced a multi-year strategic partnership. Victoria’s Secret & Co. will leverage Google Cloud’s AI and generative AI technologies to create more personalized and inclusive online shopping experiences for customers around the world. Through this partnership, VS&Co will also leverage Google Cloud AI technologies to improve customer and associate experiences and increase operational efficiencies within the company.

With the Victoria’s Secret & Co. website now generating more than 500 million annual visits and continuing to grow, one of the company’s key priorities is leveraging new technologies to create personalized customer experiences at scale. ladder. As part of this new multi-year partnership, the brand will explore a new generative AI-based conversational assistant, created with Google Cloud’s AI platform, Vertex AI. The goal of the conversational chatbot is to provide shoppers with personalized product recommendations and helpful advice based on their personal preferences and life experiences – whether a customer is a sports enthusiast, a breastfeeding mother, a cancer survivor breast recovering from a mastectomy or simply ready for a new bra.

Victoria’s Secret & Co (VS&Co) and Google Cloud announced a multi-year strategic partnership to improve online shopping experiences. VS&Co will use Google Cloud’s AI and generative AI technologies for personalized customer interactions, implementing a conversational chatbot for personalized product recommendations.

In December 2022, Victoria’s Secret purchased Adore Me, a leading direct-to-consumer lingerie company, with the goal of leveraging Adore Me’s technology and expertise to continue to improve the consumer shopping experience. customers of Victoria’s Secret and PINK and accelerate the modernization of VS&Co’s digital platform. . Adore Me already uses Google Cloud’s Vertex AI platform and Duet AI for Google Workspace for its generative AI efforts, and this new partnership creates even more synergy between the brands and allows Victoria’s Secret & Co. to more easily integrate and more quickly the large language models created and used by Adore Me.

“The integration of AI and generative AI technologies from Google Cloud will not only improve our customers’ online shopping experience, but also enable our internal teams to drive innovation across various business functions,” said Chris Rupp, Chief Customer Officer, Victoria’s Secret & Co. “This partnership marks a new era for Victoria’s Secret & Co, where cutting-edge technology meets our passion for improving the customer journey and strengthening our position as a retail leader.”

Victoria’s Secret & Co is actively exploring strategic ways to integrate Google Cloud’s cutting-edge AI technologies to improve its internal operations. The brand’s vision includes leveraging these technologies in marketing, customer sentiment analysis and much more. Google’s AI capabilities could also be used to optimize the supply chain to better predict product demand and ensure timely inventory management, as well as support human resources and store operations through conversational, personalized associate onboarding and training programs.

“We are strategically implementing AI to help us better use data to benefit our customers and improve internal processes. We are excited about the potential use cases including international expansion planning through to marketing development and supply chain optimization,” said Murali Sundararajan, Chief Information Officer at Victoria’s Secret & Co. “These initiatives could not only streamline our operations, but also allow us to better meet the needs of our customers and associates.”

Victoria’s Secret and Victoria’s Secret PINK will also aim to improve their website and mobile app by implementing Google Cloud’s Vertex AI Search for retail technology. This visionary integration can strengthen the retailer’s ability to provide Google-quality search and recommendation capabilities, helping shoppers search, find and discover relevant products faster and easier.

“Victoria’s Secret & Co’s use of AI and generative AI to power its strategic growth plan illustrates how retailers can practically use these new technologies to unlock the full potential of their brands,” said Carrie Tharp, VP of Strategic Industries, Google Cloud. “From creating tailored experiences that resonate with shoppers to transforming how new products are developed and delivered, Victoria’s Secret & Co. is at the forefront of innovation in retail.”

These new technology initiatives build on Victoria’s Secret & Co’s recently introduced AI-based product search functionality, which uses Google Cloud’s Vision API product search technology to help users find a specific product by simply dropping an image into the website’s search bar. For example, a shopper can upload a photo of a bra from a past product line and immediately get product recommendations for current bras with a similar fit and style. This feature and other enhancements in partnership with Google Cloud reinforce Victoria’s Secret & Co’s ongoing commitment to delivering world-class customer experiences through technological advancements, which are at the very heart of how the company operates and grows .

The choice of Google Cloud’s AI technology was based on a variety of factors, but primarily came down to Google Cloud’s leading position in AI security practices and its ability to flexibly integrate to existing large-scale enterprise systems.

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