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Alicia Keys shares the sweet connection she has with Beyoncé’s daughters Blue Ivy and Rumi


After twenty years of friendship, it seems that Beyonce And Alicia Keys are still very close friends.

So much so that during a recent interview with Access Hollywoodthe “Un-thinkable” singer opened up about the special bond she formed with Bey’s children.

Alicia Keys shares her nicknames for Blue Ivy and Rumi Carter

Keys recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of her debut album, “The Diary of Alicia Keys.”

She re-released the record, titled “The Diary of Alicia Keys 20,” which has since been nominated for a Grammy for Best Immersive Audio Album at this year’s awards ceremony.

During his conversation with Scott Evans, the pair revisited some of his past work. It was then that Keys revealed how her music had touched the hearts of not only her fans but also Beyoncé’s daughters, Blue ivy And Rumi.

The 45-year-old opened up about the viral moment she was photographed with Blue at the 2018 Grammys. It was also the first time she met Rumi.

“These are our dear friends and family and everyone in this photo, we are very close and have true love for each other,” she says.

When referring to Blue, Alicia called her an “angel spirit.”

“You have to get down to their level and give them good, good love. And so, it was just like, “How are you?” How’s it going ? I’m so happy to see you.’”

Keys also revealed how she recently discovered that Rumi had become a huge fan of her music.

“I am told that Rumi, she sings all my songs” she added. “It’s my little pumpkin pie.” She’s so adorable.”

Rumi is only 6 years old, and the fact that she is performing with Ms. Keys at such a young age is everything!

Aside from their personal relationship, Keys and Beyoncé have also collaborated professionally.

Beyoncé even paid tribute to the New Yorker by releasing “The Queens Remix” of her hit song “Break My Soul” in 2022.

Alicia Keys opens up about her connection with Beyoncé on a deeper level

In December, Keys spoke with Hits Radio Breakfast Show about her relationship with the “Formation” singer. Despite their busy schedules, Bey and Keys found time to sit, talk, and catch up on life.

And it was during this conversation that Keys was left in awe as she reflected on their success.

“You know, we both started at the same time, same labels, same kind of time. And so it’s crazy when we sit down and, you know, talk, break bread, we look at each other like I can’t believe we’re both here. You know what I mean? It’s a bit crazy.

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