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90210 Love Scenes Destroyed Brian Austin Green and Tiffani Amber Thiessen’s Relationship! – Pérez Hilton


Brian Austin Green he couldn’t stand seeing his girlfriend like other guys on TV. Even if, you know… it’s also his job!

In Monday’s episode of Let’s be clear podcast, Shannen Doherty‘sold Beverly Hills, 90210 a co-star stopped by for a nostalgic show. He also gave some raw details about when his then-girlfriend joined the show…and how it destroyed their relationship!

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Brian and Tiffani Amber Thiessen started dating in 1992, while she was still Saved by the Bell. But fans will know after the next series Saved by the Bell: The university years wrapped up, Tiffani joined her pal on his show… But in the soapy drama, she was tasked with romancing a guy or two – which didn’t sit well with her real boyfriend. Brian prepared:

“I was incredibly jealous every time she had to work with someone else because we had already been doing the show for four years. Like it was my family.

Tiffani became a cast member of 90210 for seasons five through ten, but before that, Brian had introduced her as his girlfriend at the casting call:

“I used to bring Tiffani to events, so she knew everyone from then on.”

But when she was recruited, things changed a lot:

“Then all of a sudden she’s doing sex scenes and shit with people who were like my family and my brothers. It was strange. I remember I was really just jealous and loud.

Oof, yeah, with all those young hormones raging, we’re sure it would be hard to watch. The two eventually separated in 1995. Sad. But now three decades have passed, and Brian now looks at things from a much more mature perspective:

“Looking back, I can’t imagine what it was like for her. I can’t imagine what it was like for her to be with me for three years at that point, then to have to do these scenes and have her fucking boyfriend – who she lives with by the way – freaking out like I did. was.”

Fortunately, it appears both men have since buried the hatchet. In 2015, Tiffani said Meredith Vieira in 2015, by E! News that she and Brian “are still good, close friends.”

You can listen to his full episode (below):

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(Images via Brian Austin Green & Tiffani Amber Thiessen/Instagram and Fox/Youtube)


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