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90 Day Fiancé: Did Gino really cheat on Jasmine?

In the last episode of 90 Day Fiancé, Gino and Jasmine had a fight …on lip gloss.

Truth be told, the lip gloss was just the spark that lit the wildfire. This inflamed Jasmine with suspicion.

But… does Gino In fact cheat on Jasmine?

Let’s look at the facts.

Jasmine tried her best to make a good impression on Gino’s loved ones. Gino, more than anyone, undermined his efforts. (Image credit: TLC)

What happened?

In season 10, episode 6 of 90 Day FiancéJasmine Pineda finally met Gino Palazzolo’s family.

She has long perceived them as adversaries. Especially after at least one conflicting message on social media.

When she finally met them, she did her best to make a good impression.

Jasmine and Gino return home together. (Image credit: TLC)

And some of the footage proved her right – because some of Gino’s xenophobic relatives (not all, but some) had decided to dislike and distrust her from the start.

Despite this, on the way home, Gino asked Jasmine to give them a chance. And Jasmine promised to try. Meeting them in person had shown him that at least some of them were supportive.

Then she dropped her phone, leaned over to grab it, and discovered a tube of lip gloss.

Jasmine and Gino have communication problems. One of them is volume. (Image credit: TLC)

Most people wouldn’t mind finding a small makeup tool easy to lose in a car. Yes, even in the car of a man who may not know exactly what lip gloss is.

Having questions is not unreasonable, however. Since Gino doesn’t wear lip gloss, it must be someone’s. Maybe they could give it back.

But Jasmine had already decided that it belonged to one of Gino’s props. And, to be honest, he acted sneaky and started stuttering like he often does when he’s nervous about what he’s going to say.

“I want to go home,” Jasmine moaned in the car. She’s an adult woman. (Image credit: TLC)

Because Jasmine basically can’t be normal about things, she screamed and cried and cried. She accused him of cheating.

Gino responded with many insults. This did not improve the situation. He also denied cheating.

Their episode 6 segment ended with Jasmine wandering sobbing in a cold parking lot. It was sad and undoubtedly comical. But…did Gino really cheat?

Jasmine finds it sad and depressing
Gino’s obsession with dating sugar babies seemed to be a red flag for Jasmine. Why is seeing sex workers worse in his eyes than just dating someone? (Image credit: TLC)

What if Gino cheated?

In the past, Gino has obviously dated other women. He paid for dates with Sugar Babies, which shouldn’t be a big deal, but Jasmine decided it was.

More importantly, Gino sent Jasmine’s nudes to his ex (which should have been a problem in itself) in an effort to brag. Or maybe make her jealous.

We can’t entirely rule out Gino cheating on Jasmine at some point. But this is not the most likely situation – and certainly not the only possibility.

Jasmine Pineda SHOUTS at Gino Palazzolo for doing it
In the gym, Jasmine screams, screams and cries because of the color of the paint on Gino’s walls. (Image credit: TLC)

Has Jasmine just invented a scenario that upsets her?

People’s minds come up with shocking scenarios all the time. Especially if they suffer from anxiety disorders.

Most of us don’t make it anyone else’s problem. Jasmine is not most people. We saw her throwing tantrums over nothing, working herself into a frenzy.

His behavior is absolutely unacceptable. And even though it wouldn’t be appropriate even if Gino had deceived, we cannot rule out that Jasmine made the wrong conclusion and exploded.

Has Gino ever made a normal decision in his life? The jury is out. (Image credit: TLC)

Did Gino plant the lip gloss for some weird reason?

Some are wondering if Gino planted the lip gloss for some reason. Maybe he wanted to elevate her, or make sure they made a splash this season, or even an excuse to break up with her.

This seems more like creativity and wishful thinking on the part of the fans.

Friends… Gino didn’t even think about washing his ugly sheets or even flush the toilet before Jasmine arrives. So no, we don’t think he’s planting props bordering on gaslighting.

Despite her lack of emotional maturity or control, Jasmine is an intelligent person. (Image credit: TLC)

Could Jasmine herself have planted the lip gloss to “find it” and throw a fit?

And Jasmine? She’s a little smarter and devious than people give her credit for.

The thing is, we don’t know if she’s such a good actress. It is possibleOf course.

But if Jasmine can’t fake happiness or calm for a single moment, can she fake hysteria? 90 Day Fiancé Believe it or not, the couples are more authentic than many viewers think.

Somehow, Gino Palazzolo and Jasmine Pineda returned for season 10 of 90 Day Fiance. This is their official promotional photo from TLC. (Photo credit: TLC)

Did the producers intentionally plant the lip gloss to create problems?

The final suspicion we heard from viewers is that a producer might have planted it to cause trouble.

My friends, that’s not how it works. This is never how it works in the history of this franchise.

The absolute the most false that 90 Day Fiancé Production suggested questions for the actors’ friends to ask on camera. And it’s usually a scandal when it happens.

Jasmine is holding a tube of lip gloss. An incriminating lip gloss? (Image credit: TLC)

So where does lip gloss come from?

We don’t know, but the best guess is that at some point Gino had a passenger. Some passengers wear lip gloss. Lip gloss sometimes falls on the floor of cars. That’s life.

All evidence strongly supports Gino and Jasmine are still together. So, in the unlikely event that he cheated, she seems to have forgiven him.

To draw a wild conclusion after spotting an anonymous tube of lip gloss…well, you’d have to be unstable and paranoid.

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