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90 Day Fiancé: Clayton knocks down his sister after questioning Anali

Last weekend, 90 Day Fiancé viewers watched Clayton reunites with Anali and be their K-1 pathway.

After her long flight, Anali also met Clayton’s mother, the one who lives in her dressing room.

But Clayton has another family. And they’re not all that welcoming.

Take Clayton’s sister, for example. She has difficult, even unfair, questions to ask Anali. And Clayton doesn’t say how he feels too subtly.

Clayton Clark sits in a gray shirt on 90 Day Fiance.
In a preview for Season 10, Episode 7 of 90 Day Fiance, we see Clayton having dinner with his fiancée, her mother, and her sister. (Image credit: TLC)

Clearly, Clayton Clark and Anali Vallejos love each other. And Clayton’s mother supports him.

But in this 90 Day Fiancé excerpt from an overview Ahead of the Sunday, November 19, episode, Clayton’s sister has clear suspicions.

We don’t know the full context. But it seems this confrontation ends after a meal at a restaurant.

Clayton's sister asks a question.
Clayton’s sister asks how she can be sure no one takes advantage of her brother. (Image credit: TLC)

Simply put, she wants to know if Anali is there for Clayton or something else.

(If this suspicion has its origins in xenophobia, she might get along well with some of Gino’s relatives… but maybe she’ll explain her reasons in the full episode)

So she asks how she can be sure that Anali isn’t using Clayton for a visa.

Clayton translates for Anali, sharing his sister's question.
Clayton translates for Anali, sharing his sister’s question. (Image credit: TLC)

Anali has a very reasonable answer. (Clayton, of course, translated for her)

She points out that it wouldn’t have been so difficult to leave her family behind if she had been a crook.

Basically, if all she wanted was to come to the United States, she wouldn’t have needed any convincing. She misses her family – but she came here for Clayton.

In a screenshot from 90 Day Fiance, Anali answers Clayton's sister's question.
Anali answers Clayton’s sister’s question, pointing out that leaving her family wouldn’t have been so difficult if she had cheated to get a visa instead of leaving them for Clayton. As he does this, notice the subtle language of his hands. (Image credit: TLC)

Before we continue with what happened, we need to point out something.

Clayton is active on social media – and seems exceptionally well prepared for his season. He’s clearly thought things through.

Regardless, he publicly responded to the preview – making sure absolutely everyone noticed his not-so-subtle “hidden message” – by turning his middle finger to his sister as she questioned the intentions of his fiancée.

A screenshot of Clayton's Instagram comment under a 90 Day Fiance Instagram post.
In an Instagram comment, Clayton calls attention to his unsubtle “sign language” during a conflict with his sister. (Image credit: Instagram)

Throughout all of this, his mom is clearly aware of the tension.

She seems to like Anali. But she allows Clayton and his sister to talk about it for themselves.

It’s probably better. She can talk to them face to face later.

Clayton's mother, Violet, watches the awkward conversation at dinner.
Clayton’s mother, Violet, watches the awkward conversation at dinner. (Image credit: TLC)

In addition to Anali’s explanation, Clayton has something to add.

He tells his sister that it took him and Anali two and a half years to get there.

In what universe would she spend years of her life going to embassy interviews, providing documents, etc.? ?

Clayton speaks while sitting next to his fiancée Anali.
Quite reasonably, Clayton notes that 2.5 years would be an absurd time investment for a visa scam. (Image credit: TLC)

This is a strong argument. Someone could spend years dating a multi-millionaire… but what would Anali’s so-called “reward” be if she doesn’t really love Clayton?

Clayton says he doesn’t see Anali, or anyone else, doing that.

But his sister says she sees it very clearly. She claims people do it all the time. (Do they, though? Most scammers are more interested in money and don’t invest a lot of time unless they get it regularly or over a long period of time)

Clayton's sister doesn't seem impressed by his answer.
Unlike her brother, Clayton’s sister could easily imagine someone putting so much effort into a long-running scam. (Image credit: TLC)

Clayton then asks his sister if she has had enough to drink.

To be clear, he’s not asking out of courtesy – he’s saying his behavior is inappropriate.

She answers no. Likewise, she makes it clear that she hears it loud and clear.

Clayton looks to the side while asking a shady question.
Clayton shyly asks his sister if she’s had enough to drink tonight. (Image credit: TLC)

This conversation ends in tears for Clayton’s sister.

Clayton, on the other hand, feels angry and hurt.

Let’s hope they can reach an agreement for everyone’s sake.

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