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2024 US presidential election could be first ‘AI election,’ CEO warns

The AI ​​boss predicted that foreign powers were likely to get involved.

At a time when technology is blurring the lines between fact and fiction, the specter of deepfakes created by artificial intelligence (AI) tools casts a long shadow over the democratic process. As the US presidential election approaches, the spread of AI deepfakes poses a serious threat to the integrity of the electoral system. And the CEO of a major AI company has suggested the technology could “threaten democracy” in the US if left unchecked. Many prominent voices, including Elon Musk, have expressed concern about the rapid spread of AI and Simona Vasyte is the latest to join the list.

“We saw an AI-generated video of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky ‘asking’ Ukrainian soldiers to lay down their arms. It’s entirely possible to see similar videos generated by presidential candidates just before the elections” , Ms. Vasyte, director of Perfection42. , said News week.

“Another tactic could be to encourage young voters not to vote in elections with fake videos on TikTok… If the elections are close, this could become a determining factor, and that is really concerning,” he said. -she adds.

The AI ​​boss predicted that foreign powers were likely to get involved.

The incident mentioned by Ms Vasyte occurred in March 2023, when an unknown group – suspected of being hackers – uploaded a fake video of Mr Zelensky telling his soldiers to stop the fighting. This idea has been debunked, but the news has reignited concerns about how deepfakes could be used to influence policy.

Ms Vasyte pointed the finger at Russia, suggesting it could interfere with elections using AI.

“It is important to note that AI can be used not only for malicious purposes but also to generate positive content. In this case, this could be the first major ‘AI election’ where both parties will try to follow the evolution of the campaign,” she said while speaking to News week.

“The closer the race, the greater the impact of AI will be during the election period,” added Vasyte.

The tech entrepreneur called for strict legislation to curb the rapid spread of deepfakes.

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